Discovers How to Begin One
Successful business, of Few Investment
and to Improve your Economic Situation

In only 10 Days  


Does not He know Where Is It Begun to Put your Business? Do not Ideas Occur to him? Has He always Thought of Opening his Own Business Pero Nunca has Dared?


Of insurance, you identify with other businessmen and entrepreneurs, who have commented to me on his problems in my years like instructor and business consultant. For example:



To begin Business

THEY DO NOT KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN a new business. Sometimes because they have never dared and others because they failed in the past.


To initiate Business

MANY LOSE MONEY, because his competitors have thousands of strategies to gain market.


to begin Business

THEY ARE AFRAID, think that they are not going to sell and prefer his sure work to risk to a business.


to initiate Business

THEY HAVE NO MONEY, or do not know if they will be able to join capital to begin a company.


to begin a business

IT IS NECESSARY TO EDUCATE and to spend money on learn the complex rough track of the companies.


to initiate a business

IT IS NECESSARY TO HIRE PERSONNEL and is not known how to hire them and how to keep them productive.


to begin company

IT TAKES A LOT OF TIME to open a business. There are permissions and documents to be obtained, which stops the people of beginning.


to initiate company

And finally, YOU INCUR EXPENSES, without gaining hundredth only one.



"Many people decide to change his life, looking for a better full work, changing draft of his current employment, or requesting a better labor position, with the hope to improve his quality of life." Luis Carlos Serna

In My Case, I Decided to Begin My Own Business.


Hello. My name is Luis Carlos Serna. I learned many lessons in my trajectory like businessman during more than 15 years and some years more like instructor in diverse universities of prestige in Mexico, I have attended many successful people and can say to him that the business is easier than you think.


I am going to say some realities to him. To have a business and to gain money:

  • You do not need tons of education and experience.

  • He does not need to work from the sun to shade.

  • The best product of the world is not necessary.

  • It does not need of million dollars to start.


It Must only Know the Correct Strategies,

 And to Apply them Step by step.


During my investigations, I interviewed more than 45 experts in business of Latin America, Spain and the United States. These academicians include, entrepreneurs and officials of government. They all have shown that the problem is that a manual has never been revealed, step by step, that the people could continue to reach the success.


There have been many months of development. We have created a system that allows him to begin now.


How to Begin A Business In 10 Days contains years of profitable business proven recipes that here we offer him.


... DO NOT LEAVE THAT THE YEARS HAPPEN TO HIM, you might be living much better and to do what really he enjoys. If it has not done it, of insurance he lives much underneath of his "real potential", it allows to spend the best of the life.

ACCEPT IT: how many times has he got up of the bed, hating what it does? How many times did he think of making anything different, of initiating a business?

Do not stop his impulses, it is worse to allow to spend the life without knowing what it had spent. A business is something wonderful. You will turn into your own boss, without they arranging him repetitive tasks, gaining the money that you always wished, with the perfect schedule … you will have the control.



WE have SIMPLIFIED the Formula to Create Successful Business. Now Only It Needs of A few Days to Begin to Do Money.




They not all can go to the university for 4 years, we know that. But it does not have to do it. We give him the formula, step by step, to open his business: the only thing that is missing is that you decide!


Imagine, I have spent thousands of dollars in school fees in the university. I have had to open different business, to learn of my errors, but finally I have discovered the formula. And be to his scope!


This is something of what who have used the system, have to say on this matter:




"This Information is Simple and Practical to Mount a Business From Zero"


“I always had pretexts to initiate my own business. I was employed for many years at the automotive industry, and every day me was complaining of my salary.


A good day, navengando for Internet and I came across with your product How to Begin A Business In 10 Days and decided to buy it.


Thanks to the product, I took the decision to do my own business. I read the book and clearly it is explained what one has to do. Really it is not necessary to pay thousands of weight in courses.


Also, I loved all the gifts that they offer with the product, they did the much easier life to me.


I am grateful to the whole team of 100 business.”


Arturo Martínez  



Lic. Arturo Martínez

Martínez and Rivera Consultores

Mexico, D.F.





"My Income Doubled in 1 Month"


“To be sincere, I always wanted a business but I thought that many education was needed. I was employed like secretary at a lawyers' office and was gaining little.


When I saw his product I thought that it would be a good buy, but I never imagined that the life would change to me. Since I subscribed to the bulletins and then when I bought the product all my mentality changed. Finally I felt motivated to open the business and in one month I duplicated my income.


For all the people who is doubting and does not know if to invest in his product, I mean them that they do not think it so much. This education would cost them very much in a university.


I feel much been grateful with you because now I can do what I always wanted.


It was worth while. Thank you”


Perla Serrano


Perla Serrano

Business proprietress of Manualidades

Port Ayacucho, Venezuela




Why not to Begin your Proper Business NOW? 


If you are enterprising, a businessman, an independent professional or are thinking of initiating your own business, I invite him to know How to Begin A Business In 10 Days ™, the most rapid, easy and economic course that...


... It will mark a Difference in his Life from this Moment, since you will be able:


  To begin Business To choose rapidly the business of his sleep.
  to initiate company To investigate of easy form if his business will be successful.
  To initiate Business To find the best place for his new business.
  to begin company Very costly problems save themselves with his associates and personnel.
  to begin Business To avoid high quotas and consultants' fees on having prepared their own business plan.
  to initiate a business To determine and to reduce the costs of his business.
  to initiate Business To obtain resources easily to initiate his business.
  to begin a business To be protected from the most important legal aspects for a company.
  to develop a business To find the best team of work than of results.
  like beginning a business To promote successfully his business, even before it is opened.
  like initiating a business To determine the best product and price without losing money.
  like initiating a company To open a business and to the following day to have positive results.
  like beginning a company To stay explained by the real secrets of for selling.
  to begin business To expand his business to a few months of having initiated it.



This Is Lo Que Dicen The Businessmen


I love his business ideas. The format of business plan helped me especially. Only I did it in one day. I am very glad to have found this web page.

-- Christian Roldán, Illinois, the United States


I always wanted to put my own workshop for cars and vans. I was not cheering up, in fact I was doing things that I did not like. They gave me the empujoncito who needed.

-- Patricio Franco, Cordova, Argentina




If you are ready, I invite him to to keep on reading and I will reveal to him how it can obtain FREE Additional Materials with a value of $ 166 dollars.



There have been many months of development of How Beginning A Business In 10 Days and many years of proving the profitable business recipes that here we offer him.


In fact, I have rejected what it would not serve to him. I have lost the account of how many times have proved the skills that I share with you.


But finally it is ready for you. A product that has more than 100 business ideas, we have made it easy for you. It is not important that it does not have a business or ideas, we give him the ideas.


Also, we have created the best and most finished collection of staff and formats predesigned to produce and to initiate his business easily from the first day.


More than 240 Pages Con La Información Exacta Que you Need to Gain Money



What you need is a book that not only gives him theoretical knowledge, but tips and practical advices. We share a proven and guaranteed method.




to begin a business

It is not important that you are a beginner or forward position. How to Begin A Business In 10 Days is done for any type of users. It does not import if he knows or not business.


To begin Business

We give him formats and staff to fill immediately. I have hired professional designers to create formats that are easy to fill and that they allow him to have everything in order. The same ones that I use in my business.


to initiate Business

He already does not need expensive courses. Start step by step, without need of teachers or consultants who receive very expensive fees.


like initiating a business

You will do it like a professional. Since we offer to him the best thing, what is proved and it must only complete it and continue the manual.



We have done all the work for you, of there extracted the secrets of the universities and more than 45 experts, so that you could have access, for the first time to the most finished manual on the market, which allows him to initiate a business and gain money immediately. Something that it cannot obtain in the free places of Internet, or in the public library.




This is what He will Learn in 10 Days to Begin your Business:




1. Form your Business Mentality
  to begin a business

to begin business

His personality will work. To be successful in his business, you will work his attitude and he will learn to take better decisions in the business.


to initiate business

It will define the business of his sleep. You will discover how you can combine the activities that more he likes with the activities that they will make him gain money, and eligirá a business of a list of hundreds that we offer you.

Discovers What Les Gusta To your Clients
  to begin a business

to begin business

It will investigate what it can sell to his clients. Neither risk nor take risks. Better bandage them to his clients what they truly want. This assures the success to him.


to initiate business

He will know What, When, Where, and Because. Define everything what he needs to know to have a successful business across an exclusive tool that we will teach you to use.

3. Find The Best Place For your Business
  to begin a business

to begin business

The place can be the most important factor for the success. In this module, you will learn to locate the best places to locate his business.


to initiate business

Know the most common errors and save his investment. We give him our experience so that it takes the best decision in his investment.

Collaborate Con Los Mejores
  to begin a business

to begin business

Whom does he love like associates? Receive advices to collaborate with who they can give major impulse to his company.



to initiate business

Find his Team of Daydream. We teach him where, how and to whom to choose like his team of work, and develop a sure success with the persons who love his work.

5. Business plan
  to begin a business

to begin business

If he does not want to run risks, the business plan is his key to the success. With him it will be able to obtain credits, governmental rel="nofollow"""s, associates and it is a guarantee for his success.


to initiate business

Everything what he needs. Guide, advices, tips, formats, examples... will find everything necessary to create its own Plan of Business in record time.

6. How to Handle The Money
  to begin a business

to begin business

Handle your Finance And Increase your Utilities. We teach him how to control the expenses of his business, this way you increase his income.


to initiate business

Learn Where to Put the Money to Create Results. The money is one of the most valuable resources which he will have. We will teach him to use it more really to bring better results.

7. Avoid Legal Entanglements
  to begin a business

to begin business

Do not Lose Time In Legal Foul-ups. We give him the best consultancy so that it does not happen for the long and costly legal processes that a business implies initiating.


to initiate business

Look after with the Contracts. We will teach him how to create the most effective contracts to be avoided of foul-ups with personnel, lessors, clients and legal problems.

Assure your Sales and Like your Clients
  to begin a business

to begin business

It bandages your Products Actively. Learn to do marketing of the best way. This will allow him to multiply his income exponentially.


to initiate business

The Marketing for Any Business. It is not important that business sets, the hardware that we will offer to him will be able to be applied by it in any sector, industry or commerce.

9. How to Produce A Business Every day
  to begin a business

to begin business

To produce and to Increase A Successful Business. You will learn the keys to handle a business and how every day you can represent a victory for you.


to initiate business

Learn the truth of the success. There will be many days that desmotive. I will tell him the truth about how the most successful entrepreneurs have managed to go out to ahead.

10. Resolve... Control... and Grow
  to begin a business

to begin business

Do not Fail In The Attempt. You know it, most of the business take the risk of failing. We give him the skills and keys so that that does not happen to him.


to initiate business

Control his Destination. The control is the key to cover the business automatically. We will say to him how.


to initiate business

Expand his sleep. What are the following steps to grow in big? Child does not think, we will give him the forms to grow exponentially.




And very much, MUCH MORE...






To what do I devote myself? It has been years since I have a small toys shop in Guayaquil, Ecuador. I had to initiate another business because the money was not reaching me. Thanks for his product, it helped me to obtain a credit in the bank quickly.

What do I recommend to the people? The product is very good. I always recommend it because it has helped me very much. It is very difficult when one has no studies because it is thought that one cannot, but this is a lie.




To what do I devote myself? I have been a teacher for many years here in Guatemala and have initiated a business of sale of school materials, of half a time. My revenue has grown almost in 50 % thanks to his book.

What do I recommend to the people? I lived also in the United States and I can say to them that the knowledge that are shared in How Beginning A Business In 10 Days applies in any country or for any business. The advices are invaluables, they are not going to find such a finished product.



These persons and many others that it is probadoCómo to Begin A Business In 10 Days have managed in the first months of using it:



to begin business

To increase his personal and familiar income .

to initiate business

To enjoy for the first time his work, practically as if it was not a "work".

like beginning a business

To develop the business of his sleep and to see it growing exponentially.

like initiating a business

To be educated in the business without having to pay big sums or lose the time in classes or trips of study.

to begin business

To plan his business and really to know adónde want to come with him.

To learn more of the business that in years of a fixed and routine work.

to begin business

To find the time and the freedom to realize other activities that they wanted to do in his life.



This knowledge, for itself, can do a dramatic difference in his life. And it is only the beginning!


For only $ 57 dollars
(FOR A FEW DAYS, It Checks the promotion price further on) not only you will receive the libroCómo to Begin A Business In 10 Days
, also we will include 8 additional materials:




administration system








System of Administration for Mike and Small-scale enterprises

(Value: $ 27)

He handles your business with this electronic system designed for the most common functions of any business, from the providers' handling up to the attention to the client, of the simplest form.


With this System of Administration you will be able:


  1. To know the income and expenses of your business, and it takes better decisions.
  2. To develop multiple handling of products and providers.
  3. To determine your movements in box, as well as the earnings and exits of cash.
  4. To realize and to print the invoices and notes on the moment of the sale.
To analyze the results of your sales, and to determine the most effective strategies to help.








Automatic report of Expenses  

(Value: $ 17)

The expenses excess is the first error that any beginner commits in the business. Now, with this product to prepare a report of his expenses, it will be able to control in absolute form all the money exits, and proceed to eliminate or eficientar those expenses that destroy his utilities.


With the Report of Expenses, it can:


  1. To deposit of simple form all the expenses which it incurs.
  2. To determine the expenses of his personnel.
  3. To detail the reasons of the exits of money.
To create a control of the individual operations in his company.

administration of invetarios








Inventor administration  (Value: $ 27)

This product designed for the control of stock, will be indispensable for the statistical handling and on time really of the earnings and inventor exits.


With the inventor Administration you will be able:


  1. To determine the providers who better work for you.
  2. To control the earnings and stock exits, taking care of the price, quantity, date, code and many other productive variables.
  3. To fix the minimal stock that he needs to have to reduce his costs and to increase his utilities.
To observe the statistics of every product, and to design the most appropriate new inventor strategies.

quotation sheet








Sheet of Quotation for the Client (Value: $ 17)

The loss of potential clients is slightly common, nevertheless, systematizing the quotations formulation in the moment, it can rel="nofollow""" and create new clients for his business and increase exponentially his sales.


With the Sheet of Quotation, it is a tool that:


  1. It will allow to prepare a quotation of his products of professional and exact form.
  2. It can be printed, faxed, for mail, in such a way that I contacted the client for different means.
It will be able to mix with other hardware of Excel to link products and prices automatically.

familiar accounting








Tool of Familiar Accounting (Value: $ 17)

Does he handle the finance of his family? Control of simplified form the financial accounting of his family, before beginning his business. We simplify the basic formulae to take a control of the most intelligent money.


With this one Tool of  Familiar Accounting , it will be able:


  1. To begin interfering in the Finance, handling the income of his family before beginning his business.
  2. To take practice of how reducing expenses and rel="nofollow"""ing a considerable saving.
To analyze monthly the income and expenses, and to establish targets and future goals for the well-being of his family.

bill of exchange








Sheet of Bill of exchange

(Value: $ 17)

How many times has not it given money, without they returning it to themselves. Begin using the bill of exchange for his loans and administer his debts of more intelligent form.


With the Sheet of Bill of exchange, you will be able:


  1. To do loans and to register them electronically.
  2. To control the money exits.
To administer his Account receivables and to register them contablemente.

cash flow








Sheet of Cash flow

(Value: $ 17)

Of more systematical form, take care of all the lines where it can enter or go out effective. This sheet includes countable concepts that can serte of utility in the financial care of the company.


With the Sheet of Cash flow it can:


  1. To take care quite of the possible flows which a business can incur.
To expand his business, taking care of all the details of the handling of cash.

budgets format








Formats of Budgets

(Value: $ 27)

Before investing your money in any new project, he calculates how much is going to cost you, this way you will have more possibility of winning in the business. With these budgets formats, it chooses the one that more is convenient for your situation, and determines your real priorities to fulfill the targets of your business.


With the Formats of Budgets you will be able:


  1. Preveer before incurring any investment.
  2. To protect you from future problems that could happen.
  3. To establish your priorities, and to take more successful decisions.
To determine if a project is worth while, before investing hundredth only one.


OrdenarCómo Empezar Business En 10 Days is Easy


We use the System of Sure Payment of Paypal or DineroMail. If it is not provided with an account, it can use a card of debit or credit, or tranferir straight of your bank in your country to obtain the book and 8 bonuses. Immediately you will be able to lower the files straight to your computer.


like beginning a business in 10 days


How to Begin A Business In 10 Days
+ 8 business hardware

we offer it

NOT to $ 57 Usd

NOT to $ 47 Usd

NOT to $ 37 Usd


and WAIT!

We are going to add to this offer
with a value of $ 98 dollars,

with a value of $ 99 dollars,




I free 1



Business plan 1.0

(Value: $ 49)

The Maximum Guide to Create a Plan of Successful Business, finally salt to the market a book so that any person, in record time, could prepare a business bread that could apply in the reality.


You will learn and it will be able to apply without restrictions, the following thing:


  • How to define his business
  • How to analyze the market and to determine the important information that really he needs.
  • What consistent steps must it take and his plan immediate and long-term of action.
  • How to determine the financial resources that he will need, of the easiest and simple form.
  • How to organize his company to take the automatic and correct deciones.
  • How to present his business plan to obtain bank loans and to convince the investors.  

Be sure that while he reads and 1.0 applies business Plan, you will obtain a clear vision of what you have to do to cause the business that he wishes, and to be successful in the process.




I free 1



The Science of Becoming Rich

(Value: $ 49)

The attitude and the will the son everything to find the wealth. The Science of Becoming Rich, written by Wallace Wattles, takes us of the hand in the way of the change in our mind, and reports the skills verified to become rich. In this book, you will learn:


  • The truth about the origin of the wealth
  • How to discover the opportunities that it has right now in his life
  • How to attract the wealth in his life
  • The way of changing his way of thinking and his attitude towards the success
  • The efficient action, the exact steps that it has to take to be rich
  • How to choose the correct business
  • How to discover and to exploit all his interior potential

 After reading this book, you will have changed completely suf blunt of seeing the world, and he will know his way and the steps that it has to take in this life to find for what he looks...


I free 3

35 plans


35 business plans

(Value: $ 99)

Do not start of 0. Here we present to you 35 business plans where you will be able to realize the multiple business options that exist so that comienzes your company. 35 plans that include sound to begin one:  

  • Travel agency
  • Animals shop
  • Motoring school
  • Academy of dance and dance
  • Bar and Cavern
  • Shop specializing in wines
  • Lawyers' buffet
  • Rural tourism
  • Catering
  • Shop delicatessen
  • Organization of events
  • Administration of goods
  • Shop of photographic developing
  • Gymnasium
  • Nursery school
  • Ice-cream parlor
  • Naturistic shop
  • Computer science shop
  • Real estate agency
  • Internet consultancy
  • Garden center
  • Agency of marketing and publicity
  • Company of courier service
  • Bakery
  • Parafarmacia
  • Hairdressing salon
  • Progress and housing construction
  • Restaurant
  • Clothes shop
  • Service to fraccionamientos
  • Software manufacturer
  • Telemarketing
  • Translations
  • Tourist service
  • Video shop



How to Begin A Business In 10 Days ($ 57)

+8 Bonuses Adicionales ($ 166)

+Business plan 1.0 ($ 49)

+The Science of Becoming Rich ($ 49)

+35 business plans ($ 99)



For PROMOTION to THOSE WHO DO HIS BUY NOW, we are offering all this to only

$ 27 dollars

We use the System of Sure Payment of Paypal and DineroMail. If it is not provided with an account, it can use a card of debit or credit, pay in Oxxo, 7Eleven or any Mexican bank is in window or electronic transference to obtain the book and other gifts. Immediately later you will be able to lower the files straight to your computer.


like beginning a business in 10 days


Clic here to Arrange the Book

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We are entrusted that you will extract profit to the whole material, for what





Like that it is, if after 90 days of proving it and following the steps in the course, you are not 100 % to taste with the results, we guarantee to you the return of 100 % of your money.


So, if you are serious in initiating your business from tomorrow, this is the best investment that you can do, and I am eager show you the most successful way of creating business.



He remembers.

This offer of $ 27  only is realized like a promotion at once that hopes to be discontinued soon.

So, if you wait too much it is very possible that you do not find the same promotion. The service nations to the client have received STRICT instructions about the topic.

As soon as we have obtained the established goals, this offer will happen for concluída permanently.  



So I you press that you operate rapidly.


I wish you the best of the success,





Luis Carlos Serna

Co-creator of




He remembers that nothing is going to change in your life if you do not take action in any moment. Let's see your real options:


1. You cannot do anything, remain in the same work with the same salary, and stop that the life takes the decisions from what it will go on in your future.


2. You can return to the school to study. It seems to be the most reasonable thing, but his cost and the time that you will invest to prepare yourself they are the highest. He thinks that for 4 to 5 years, after investing thousands of dollars, you will be ready to tackle your business. Does it look like to you that viably now?


3. You can look for other products to begin a business, which say to you how to gain money without spending a cent. But let's be realistic, to win you have to invest, and find the real solution, not a course to create money pyramids with the phrase “does easy money”. The money is looked, nothing comes of. But if you believe that you can do it this way, write to me if you achieve it.


4. You can begin your business from tomorrow using this system, which it provides to you with all the materials, hardware and simplified and systematized knowledge so that you tackle a real and successful business. I believe that the price is quite reasonable, thinking that it is what would cost any dinner with your couple a weekend.  


So if you are ready to be a business entrepreneur, give a clic here to order now.




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