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15 Apr, 2010

Business ideas for Entrepreneurs: 0 Investment

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These are some business ideas for small entrepreneurs, who want to initiate a business with 0 investment. Only remember this lesson: it is better to begin a business with small or 0 investment, which to spend millions and to fail.

1. Business for Internet

It is the sleep of any Internet user: to put a business for Internet and to leave that the money falls down automatically. Very well, that does not happen during the night, but in fact it is not very difficult to do. To be right in it, start by choosing a topic or topic of the one that you know very much. Then obtain a domain and design a web site (there is web sites that can be created without knowing anything about Internet like wordpress). What it imports for the people is your content and your originality. Now it must find programs of affiliation, which is where his income is going to come. Next, learn everything what could on Internet marketing and CATHEDRAL. Last, to reserve a time every week to put new content in the place, to create ties, and another type of maintenance. Now do this in 3 or 4 places, and it might have some revenue worthy of them.

2. Consultant

To enter consultancy is relatively simple. Everything what it has to do is to know how to do something better than most of the people, and to be capable of showing well to the people how to do it or to be ready to do it for them. To create social networks is the key of the success in this business, so it starts for doing a list of all his acquaintances and the new people know.

3. Babysitter / Minder of pets

The families now have to work all the time. There is no time to take care either to the children or to the pets. This one designs of business it is big because basically it does not need of skills in particular, simply honesty and reliability. Insure of having the personal references available, and also he needs reliable transport. If you are a lover of the animals, it is a very easy work.

4. Professional organizer

The people nowadays simply are overwhelmed by his "things". Although there exists an every time major tendency of persons who want to simplify his lives, most of us have not done yet it. There is a big opportunity so that an organizer obtains a house arranged in a reasonable time. For this business idea he needs to have some certificate like designer of houses, feng shui, between others, and improve itself with his acquaintances.

5. Representative Independent from Sales Avon
The cosmetics are products to recession test, because it is an economic way so that the persons feel good with themselves. Avon is the biggest company of direct sales to the consumer in the world, with annual sales of almost $ 6 billion dollars. Avon is a big way of starting child and of growing step by step. Try with a line of products that he is interested in, tries to sell it between his acquaintances and decides if this is his.

6. Personal services – Buys and Errands

East is big it designs of entrepreneurs' business for the Christmas period. Although you do not believe it, there are persons that they do not like doing his buys, and they would prefer that someone was doing it for them. To offer this service, once again, the confidence and the reliability there are the key characteristics for this. Also, money is not needed, but you will need available credit since it cannot use the credit cards of his client. Consider the possibility of an American Express or Diners Club that do not have pre-established expenses limits. Or use a card that gives reward in cash of the back or miles of frequent traveler, and it will do a small agreeable premium for you.

7. Edition of Impressions

It is surprising how many people have a computer and he does not know yet how to do a document word or enclosed a decent frill. If he has a sense of good design, it is familiar with his text processor, and he has already a laser printer or injection of ink of high quality, you can offer a service of edition of impressions. Publish briefcase of his work and improve in companies or he marries to house.

8. Tutorship

With the increasing dissatisfaction with our educational system and the enormous growth of the education in the hearth, there is a need without precedents of the tutors in these days for children of all the ages, even the adults. For this business idea, get in touch with the local schools, especially the private roads, and local groups of education at home, and offer his services. One does not worry if his topic is highly specializing, enclosed those that are in demand.

9. Seller of Free Market

Yes, there are the people really who does a decent life buying secondhand things and selling them on Free Market. What is his secret? To sell a product for that the people are looking, to pack carefully the products, and to offer better prices to the shops. It is useful to have a digital camera or a scanner, but it is not necessary.

10. Service of secretariat – Typing / Transcription / Correction

Many small-scale enterprises and individuals have a need for these services, but not the sufficient thing to hire a temporary worker across an agency. Assuming that you have a computer, a printer and e-mail (and the necessary skills), that is quite. It is prepared to receive for the work, not for the hour.

These are some business ideas for entrepreneurs, to see more ideas, it gives clic here and looks for the topic that you are interested in.

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1 | brown jose

April 27th, 2010 at 10:14 am


Quite interesting his contributions in the field of business creation. very good.

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