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On September 18, 2009

It begins a Business in 10 Days Improved

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Hello to all the readership, thank you very much for all the comments and rel="nofollow""" that we have received in the place.

I have a very good news for all the interested persons in putting a business.

We have just relaunched the product “Like Beginning a Business in 10 Days“, with new incorporations:

1. We lower the price of $ 37 to $ 27 dollars, to do more accessible all the persons, with all this that one has come from the world recession.

2. Once they give clic in the button of buying, we have incorporated the version PREMIUM, in which we add 8 bonuses additional, for only $ 1 additional dollar.

3. We have a surprise for all the subscribers of 100Negocios, with a superoffer of period, which soon we are going to throw.

Again, thank you very much to all, we are going to keep on working in doing this place not 1 in business Ideas.

If you want to see the new product, give clic here.

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