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On September 22, 2008

Business opportunities. How to find ideas for a proper business?

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What is a business opportunity? This question has occupied a big number of persons, who try to decide if they buy an existing business, a small exemption, or a business opportunity of another type.

The most common types of business opportunity are the following ones:

* Distribution.

It is a question of independent agents that enter an agreement to offer and to sell the product of another company. Nevertheless, there does not exist the right to use the trade name of the manufacturer as a trade name. Depending on the agreement, the distributor can limit himself only to the sale of products, or it might only sell to certain geographical areas. Everything depends on the signed contract.

* Commission agents or affiliates.

This point implies the sale of products that belong to another company, in exchange for a commission agreed in a contract. The commission agent uses his contacts and strategies to sell, but he does not take charge of the logistics (inventories, orders, etc.). Normally, the agent commission agent enters an agreement with the ultimate parent to commercialize his products to diverse shops by means of another point of sale in particular. Another example of commission agent can be the consignee, who takes goods and he is in charge of selling it, and pays to the original owner of the goods until the sale has been concluded.

* Intermediaries.

A classification very similar to a distributor, but while a distributor can sell a sinnúmero of products of different companies, and intermediary limits himself normally to a mark in particular.

* Licenses.

In this type of business agreement, the holder obtains the right to use the trade name and the mark of a company, also it is possible to speak about specific methods, team, technology or products. The use of the trade name is purely optional.

* Marketing in network.

This is a term that in Latin America little has used. It covers the ambiences of the direct sale and multilevel. As an agent of the network of commercialization, products sell across their own network of friends, neighbors, coworkers and this way successively. In some cases, it can obtain additional commissions for the hiring of other agents.

* Cooperatives.

This business opportunity is similar to the licenses. It is a question of an already existing company, being able to affiliate to a wider network of companies of the same branch, often with the target to carry out publicity and common promotion.

* Exemption.

On the other hand, some business is called a key in hand, that is to say, to investor to one gives his everything, I list to operate. The exemption is an example. These business opportunities provide to him everything what he might need. They help him to select a place, provide formation, and offer rel="nofollow""" for the commercialization activities.

In ideal conditions, quite what is offered him in a business should be proved and go out well. The true thing is that there is nothing perfect, so any problems are the following ones:

* Erroneous selection of the place.

Most of the business opportunities that are offered on the market are faced to the consumers retail. Therefore, his success depends on an excellent place, visibility and easy access to the establishment.

* Lacking in constant rel="nofollow""".

Normally there is no obligation on the part of the seller to give rel="nofollow""". It is preferable to choose business that have rel="nofollow""" and service, in case of meeting problems to half of the way.

* Exclusivity clauses.

The contracts that he signs can have clauses where you turn out to be limited to not doing certain things, like selling in certain cases, or to promote of such form. In any case, it might take the authorization from you to produce the business.

Investigate carefully any business opportunity that appears before him. Have a lawyer to check the clauses of his contracts. Make sure that a responsible company should endorse the business opportunity.

In future deliveries we will be doing more emphasis on the need to evaluate the business opportunities.

2 Responses to "business Opportunities. How to find ideas for a proper business?"

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November 12th, 2008 at 12:05 pm


[...] In this business podcast, the entrepreneurs of new business will be able to give themselves an idea of how locating a business, the importance of the place for the success of a business, as well as a guide that you can consider to determine if your new business has a good place, or you have to revalue the bases of your business and look for new business opportunities. [...]

2 | harlem

April 10th, 2010 at 9:59 pm


I am hello very grateful cordialmente for the information thank you very much and please more ideas jajajaja

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