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On November 25, 2008

Profile of the entrepreneur – Qualities and typical of the entrepreneurs

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Very much it has been said that the entrepreneurs have a big leadership. Normally, the entrepreneurs are opposite to the managers. In case of the managers, one speaks that are less inclined to the risk and also much more methodical.

Action Man
Creative Commons License photo credit: gregloby
Nevertheless, the entrepreneurs can take risks and they are much more creative. Some of the characteristics of the emprendimientos men are:

* Motivation
The emprendedir is persons motivated by a big need for achievement and desire of constructing something.

* Pragmatic
Five-peseta coins, done in practice, with needs for independence and achievement. Seldom they surrender to the authority.

* Emotional intelligence
They have a type of more emotional intelligence, they are changeable, thoughtful, full of ideas, ingenious and full of resources.

* Optimists
They look for the good side of the things and of the business, especially when they take decisions. They have confidence in they themselves and in the people.

* Visionaries

They have the possibility of foreseeing the future. They are enthusiasts and they try to implant his vision in the company. Some of them have the vision from the beginning, others are creating the way to the gait.

* Persistent
It is necessary to insist, to be certain. These are the forms in which the entrepreneur knows that it can change his destination and his reality. Also, he knows that the things are not done of a moment for other.

*Capture of risks
The entrepreneurs take prudent risks. They evaluate costs and needs of the consumer.

*Decision making
The entrepreneur has to be certain and pass. The things have to be done for it it is needed to take the correct decisions in the correct moment.

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