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On November 23, 2008

Entrepreneurs – 10 Secrets of the Success of the Entrepreneurs

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How to know if you can be a successful businessman, or if it is in better situation like a wage earner? Although a sure formula does not exist for the success, the studies have demonstrated that they owe the success of the entrepreneurs to themselves to these ten characteristics. Verify if you possess some of them.

To handle a business of a person is a creative, flexible form and challenger of turning into his own chief and planning his own future. It is a question of creating a life, as it is a question of making the living. Courage, determination and forecast is needed to decide to turn in a businessman. From the relatively sure "cocoon" of the corporate world, where they receive salaries regularly, it will risk to the wild territory of the business.

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Is there a way of determining if he can be a good businessman, or that one is in better situation working for someone more? Unfortunately, there is no formula for the success. Nevertheless, most of the successful entrepreneurs share these ten characteristics. Verify if you possess some of them:

1. Think “success“

To reach the type of success that he wishes, he has to dream in big. Every success history begins with big sleep. You need to have big sleep for you – who wants to be someone richly, famous or satisfied. You need to have a clear vision of what he wants to achieve. Nevertheless, it does not stop in the "sleep" himself. You should visualize the success in his mind, that you almost could feel it, touch it or that is to his scope. rel="nofollow""" this image back to his head in every opportunity. What feels to treble his current income? How is your life going to change? What would see his business, reached the mark of the million dollars?

The successful entrepreneurs possess an attitude of opening and faith in which they can have what they want if they can imagine simply this desire as the first step in the way of action. The gurus of the administration have taught us the power of the visualization – turn to himself in his mind as having achieved his sleep. If he wants to be a good writer, foresee the signature of his book with a multitude of persons who have waited to have his autograph. If he wants to be rich, his image must reflect luxury in the surroundings, having a gigantic bank account. And the process of conceiving the success must be a constant activity.

It is necessary to think that you are the success (or it will be one) every hour of wakefulness. A trainer development personnel shared with me his secret to help to visualize continuously his targets: on having raised stairs, I recited his target with every step that you take. So if they want more money, to say “I am going to have money” in every step of the stairs. This skill will reinforce his goal and will keep her fresh in his conscience.

2. To be excited by what it does

You initiate a business to change any part or the totality of his life. To achieve this change, it is necessary to develop or to discover an intense personal passion for changing the current situation and of living through the life to the maximum. The success comes easily if you like what you do. Why? Because we are more implacable in our search of targets of the things that we love. If he hates his work now: does he believe that one day it will be successful in him? Not in a million years! It is possible that it follows the crowd, even becomes competent in the tasks, but it will never be a big success in it. You will achieve the maximum yield and it will do what it has to do to be successful, only if there is doing something that he is interested in or something that worries him. The entrepreneurs who are successful it does not matter for them the fact that they are employed 15 or 18 hours a day at his business, because absolutely they love what they do. The success in the business is especially a patience and hard work, which can only be reached if one is excited and centred on his tasks and activities.

3. Concentrate on his strong points

We are going to accept it; you cannot be quite for all. Each of us has his own fortitude and weaknesses. So that it is effective, it is necessary to identify his fortitude and to concentrate on her. You will be more successful if you are capable of canalizing his efforts in the areas that it makes better. In the companies, for example, if you know that you have good marketing instincts, cultivate this force and make full use of her. Request help or assistance in his weak areas, for example, of accounting or of administration. To transform his weakness to a force, I considered to take a formal training or learning with practices.

4. Never consider the possibility of defeat

Ayn Krugerrand, in his novel “The spring” wrote, “it is not in the nature of the man – not in nigún living being, to start for giving up”. As businessman, must believe completely in his targets, and in which it can achieve them. Think that what it is doing will be contributed by him to the progress of his environment and of his person. You must have a firm faith in his idea, his capacity and in yourself. You must believe beyond a shade of doubt that you have the aptitude to recognize and to expire with his goals. The more be able to develop the faith in his aptitude to achieve his targets, the more quickly it can reach them. Nevertheless, his confidence must be balanced by studied risks that you need to take to achieve a major reward. The success of the entrepreneurs consists in analyzing and minimizing the risks in the benefits search. As they say, “without value there is no glory.”

5. I glided in accordance with his goals

You have a vision, and it has enough faith if the same to believe that it can achieve his vision. But: do you know how to come to his vision? To achieve it, that it is necessary to have concrete targets that will serve as springboard towards his last goal. Put his targets in writing. Not to do it, only makes them intangible like fantasies. You need to plan every day in such a way that all his actions contribute to the achievement of his vision. The intense orientation to targets, is the characteristic of every successful entrepreneur. They have a vision, and know how to come. His aptitude to establish goals and to do plans for his achievement is the necessary skill to be successful. I glided, glided and glided – because without this it has a guaranteed defeat.



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6. Work hard!

All the successful entrepreneurs work hard, hard and hard. Nobody reaches the success only for being seated and looking at the wall every day. Brian Tracy says it this way, “you work eight hours a day to survive; everything else of eight hours is for the success.” Ask any businessman and he will say to him immediately that it had to work more than 60 hours per week in the beginning of his business. It is prepared to say good-bye to the drinks after the office, or of a weekend of trip. If you are in a starting phase, you will have to breathe, eat and to drink his business until it could use for itself. The hard work will be easy if you have a vision, clear targets, and is excited with what it does.

7. To look constantly for ways of doing networks

The companies are judged for his state, from his team of administration, up to his strategic associates. The companies always need assistance, even more the small-scale enterprises. Many people who knows will help him. Perhaps the lady whom it met in a trade association can help him to make sure the financiammiento, or the gentleman in a conference that it can facilitate the advice management to him. It is important to form alliances with persons who can help him, and that you can help like favor. To be successful in the business, it is necessary to possess a good connection with networks and always to be alert to the opportunities to extend his contacts.

8. Will to learn

You do not need to have a Mastery in Business administration, or a doctorate or posgrado to be successful in its own business. In fact, there is a businessmen's big quantity that at least to finish the secondary education. The studies show that most of millionaires for his account, have an intelligence I mediate. Nevertheless, these entrepreneurs came to his financial potential plenary meeting, reached his personal targets and of his commercial activity, since they were ready to learn. To be successful, you must be ready to rise questions, to be an onlooker, an interested party and open sea to new knowledge. This will to learn turns more crucial, given the rapid evolution of the technologies and ways of carrying on business.

9. To persevere and to have faith

Nobody says that the way towards the success is easy. In spite of his good intentions and the hard work, sometimes it will fail. Some businessmen successfully suffered reverses and round defeats, it even fails, but they managed to get up quickly to do it in big in his fields. His courage of persisting to the adversity and the aptitude to turn to stop after a temporary disappointment they will guarantee his success. You must learn to choose you himself and begin everything again. His persistence is the measurement of the belief in you. Remember, if you persevere, it can stop nothing to him.

10. Discipline yourself

Thomas Huxley said once: "Bundle what you must do, when it must do it, if you like or not”. Edict - discipline is the key of the success. The willpower to force him himself to pay the price of the success – to do what they do not like doing others, going further away, fighting and gaining the battle against yourself.

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