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On October 14, 2008

5 advices to Open a Business and to Save Money

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When it is ready to open your own business, there is a good probability of which it spends the double of for what it had budgeted. That can be the sad reality of mounting a business for his account, but there are ways of braking some of these problems.

1. Free resources. In my experience I have seen that many things can be done of free forms, if the time is invested. Almost all the secretariats or departments of economy and company of Latin America offer help programs to the PYMES (small and medium companies). There exist credits subsidized for business, programs of free training to initiate a company, etc.

Also the managerial camerawomen and the local governments offer programs of incubators of companies. Make use of the material resources and the free consultancy that will offer him in all these dependencies.

2. Move slowly. Do gradually his expenses, do not pay out from a beginning. Thus it will gain time on having opened his business, to begin generating some sales, which will give him the opportunity to put little money in his business before giving the next step. It is possible that it does not see a benefit as soon as he wishes it, but you will be that you spent less in the long term.

3. Mouth publicity in mouth. No form of publicity is more effective than the mouth to mouth. When the clients are satisfied with what they have bought, they tend to comment to other persons on it.

You do not have to pay to these persons for this type of publicity. It is so a product or service must speak for itself. When one adds a service to the excellence client, there are more probabilities of receiving the positive comments for that we look.

4. Compare. If you go with the first thing that you see when he buys his provisions and his prime matters, this will kill his budget.

Use the Internet to be comparing shop prices to shop and practically to see costs options in a shops variety. Do not buy anything until it has found the best available offer. This will help to reduce the expenses of functioning of his business.

5. Exchange. If you have a need, but he cannot pay the service, try to find someone who is ready to expire for offering your own product or service as form of payment. The exchange can be a big alternative to the cash, when it is used correctly. If what you offer is not worth while almost so much like what you are waiting to buy, then you can use part of exchange and it sets off in cash. The global exchange effect not only gives him an element or service that you need, but you put what it has to offer in the hands of a new potential client also.

The sky is the limit for the money saving on having mounted or to initiate a business. It is a question of taking intelligent decisions and of rel="nofollow"""ing a resources control.

3 Responses to "5 Advices to Open a Business and to Save Money"

1 | Karen

January 4th, 2010 at 7:57 am


it seems to me interensante but I would like, qe they will send to me more information I am on the point of opening a business of source of soda and I would like some advices please.

2 | franklin v.

January 29th, 2010 at 4:56 pm


I want to begin a small business but I have no idea I am decempreado some consego was working with computers the agaseria that it is not what was working

3 | isalia riojas

April 5th, 2010 at 10:08 pm


hello I need thousand of help have a snack and I am 6 months old with the problem the fact is that up to the date only it gives to me for the revenue and the expenses but around me there is many business looked like to alone mine that not if to remove it or to invest him to put more publicity and more lighting to stand out and to attract attention on the gente.te would be grateful for your help thank you

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