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On November 24, 2008

Business opportunity: List of Business of Agencies

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Do you look for a business opportunity? Is it interesting to you to tackle an agency? In this post we give you business ideas to begin diverse types of agencies.

1. It creates your own agency of appointments.
Use his computer to store the details of the clients, interests, personal qualities, tastes and griefs and a recent photo. Organize by phone / compatible e-mail to attend to the members. Receive a quota of annual membership or payment service for every organized date.

2. To begin an agency for illustrators and artists.
To find work for them for the organization of general exhibitions to promote his work and to give the suitable contact of organizations and companies that can consider the possibility of using his talents. For example, to illustrate promotional products, interior painting murals, etc. Also they have an art selection to sell across shops that sell original art at low prices.

3. It starts a shop that focuses in selling on a topic (Superman-o-rama, Apple-o-rama)
Use part-time to personnel, and announce his service across the local newspapers. Do arrangements adapted for the interested clients.

4. To establish an organism of talented photographers.
It bandages his work for commission in the Internet, or straight to the publishing houses that need photos stock. Specialize in specific topics, for example, fashionable models, careers of motorcars, trains, motorbikes, fishing, trips, etc.

5. Turn into an agent for the promotion of local events.
It finds business opportunities, or example, theaters, circuses, musical events that travel about the country, etc. Devote to the organization of local events of publicity in newspapers, cartels in the shops, as well as the sale of earnings.

6. Empieze an agency of models that look like celebrities.
Publicize persons who have an aspect very similar to famous personalities. Anyone that it has more than a resemblance to persons with high profile, stars of movies, stars of television, singers of pop or even political. They can be hired for special functions, private holidays, publicity, promotions, big gaps, and even movies. As agent will have to work hard to find jobs, but a reasonable commission should give him the incentive.

7. It creates your artists' own agency for the entertainment.
It represents the next groups of pop, singers, actors, magicians and other acts of specialties that might benefit from his services. You must be well organized and they have a good knowledge of the clubs and other places. as well as an eye for the talent. Visit regularly the clubs, speak to the acts that he would like representing, do an appointment with them to discuss commercial agreements, and stop to his card of visit.

8. Turn into an agent of one of the principal companies of catalog.

If you have a heap of friends, companions of work and relations, this is a way easy to gain extra money. Everything what he needs to do is to show to the people the catalog and to accept orders of any thing that they would like buying. The commissions are normally about a ten per cent. Not very much, but they join soon if you can construct a clients' good base with standing orders. Apply by mail to the company that wants to be an agent.

9. Initiate a business of an employment agency.
rel="nofollow""" updated records of a series of companies that could get in touch with you when they need to find the new personnel. Also, take the records and résumés of every person who is looking for work in a particular type of work. When there is a mail between job offers and claimants of employment, get in touch with both parts to do the arrangements adapted for an interview.

10. Turn into an independent sales agent.
There are great companies that are ready to use independent sales agents, especially if only a commission is paid to him when you do a sale. If you have the gift to sell, he should think the possibility of working during three or four different companies, any time norms do not exist against the representation of other companies. It should not be a problem any time there are no interests conflicts. Start for writing a letter to several companies that might consider the possibility of his services. Many companies of MMN (Marketing of Multi-Nivel) will agree. Also get in touch with companies that sell mobile, ordering, sure phones and mortgages.

11. Turn into an agent of actors and actresses.
A deep knowledge of the companies of production of movies and the theater, it is a requisite previous to this type of business opportunity. It is not the vocation easiest to enter, but the persons with a determination and talent to treat with the people, it might find this business immensely agreeable. Try to acquire experience first with an established organism.

12. Turn into an agent of personalities of the sport.
Certain types of personalities of the sports often need a reagent to organize publicity events for his clients, as well as the parties and the inclusion in the tournaments. As it happens with the business of the movies and the theater, a deep knowledge how the business works, as well as useful contacts, it is desirable, if it is not essential. Begin for looking to new talents that might benefit from his experience and knowledge. rel="nofollow""" a list of useful contacts. In particular, good trainers who can help it to develop his skills with the clients a high professional level.

12. Turn into an agent of a company of loans.
Excellent commissions can be done of helping the persons to have loans and mortgages. His principal task will be to do investigation by phone, the compilation of information and filling of the application forms. To start it is necessary to get in touch with a company of loans that uses independent reagents. You also will have to obtain a license to operate like an agent. Once established, to develop his publicity in local and regional newspapers.

13. Beginning of an agency deprived of sale of motorcars.
This business idea would imply a shop with sideboards that show photos and details about every vehicle for the sale, likewise the realtors show the publicity of the goods. Also it can include announcements for motorbikes, vans and vans. Receive the only small payment quota for the publicity and a small commission for every successful sale. His service also might include the publicity of in the newspapers, the list of all the cars that at present they have in his books, in addition to his number of contact. Collective publicity of this type will allow to save money to his client of the publicity of the motorcar yes the same.

14. It creates your own agency of accompanists and aide-de-camps.
It is not so sordid as it seems. Some persons are very ready to pay for a friendship or attractive couple to accompany them to a special event, or simply for the company during an agreeable party. It is not going to be a part of the service providing accompanists for any other reason. A certain commission will be paid by the client, from which a percentage will be paid to the accompanists. The attraction the persons with a friendly personality must be taken, and be able to be free when it requests him itself in the short term. Announce his service in the columns of personal announcements of certain magazines.

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