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On November 17, 2008

Entrepreneurs: List of Qualities and Factors of Success

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The entrepreneurs possess many necessary personal qualities to initiate and to rel="nofollow""" a successful business. Nevertheless, it is not necessary that it assembles all the characteristics only one presents herself. The following exercise will help him to evaluate some of its own fortitude and weaknesses, so that you can see that the most professional collaboration or the work of development might be appropriate.

List of qualities of the Entrepreneurs

Liam Casey


1. Vision – the aptitude to articulate and to see the long-term conditions.

2. Passion – the election of a business that inspires you and that will bring the best thing of you – and so that it inspires him in others to carry on business with you.

3. Service of orientation and relation of competitions – the evaluation of the quality of the service to the client and commercial relations to create allegiance to the business.

4. Initiative – aptitude to motivate yourself and to work of independent form.

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5. Concentration – to rel="nofollow""" your eyes in the vision and priorities during moments of risk, stress or distractions.

6. Creativity – to Give birth to new ideas to improve the productivity, efficiency or efficacy of the products or services that the business offers.

7. Persistence – they remain awkward and constant with the determined course, although immediate rewards do not exist.

8. Adaptability – The entrepreneur knows when to change the course, as it is necessary by virtue of the changeable circumstances.

9. Management of the Time – to make use productively of the time, doing the most important thing to be successful.

10. Strategic and tactical thought – the management of the daily operations and the planning for the growth, while there happens the service of his service or product.

11. Financial resistance – the aptitude to get over the inevitable ups and downs, while the construction of his business happens.

It cuts and gives the list of qualities in a spreadsheet, and reflects on your confidence level and forces in every area. If you wish it, you can add some other entrepreneurs' qualities that should occur to you. Elije a system of measurement that works for you, as more / less or a scale of 1-5.

What patterns do you observe? What fortitude might you be taking advantage more often? What are the weakest areas in the one that needs the rel="nofollow""" or the managerial formation from himself or of entrepreneurs? For example, if your strong point is not the multiple activities and the information pursuit displeases you, he thinks the possibility of hiring an assistant. If you are not a strategic thinker and you want only to center on serving to the clients, an associate thinks that it loves the long-term planning.

Soon we will be throwing a course for that they have been asking us for the entrepreneurs. Stay alert.

P.D. It checks the Entrepreneurs' Test if it do not do fact, you are going to be surprised at the results. (I went out a Warren Buffet)

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