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14 Apr, 2010

Essay of Mexico

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Written by Health Aguilar Guerrero student of the university ARKOS

Mexico is called the Mexican close States, it is a democratic, representative and federal republic, which is in Latin America. There is composed by 32 federative entities (31 states and a federal District) the head office of the government and the powers of the this union in the D.F.

Mexico borders to the north on the United States of America; on the west, with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean sea; to the southeast, with Belize and Guatemala, and on the west with the Pacific Ocean. 1 972 550 km has a surface ², and it occupies 15 position arranged by surface.

His population belongs to 105 342 000 inhabitants as the WHO; it occupies 13 place measured by population, 91 % speaks Spanish, according to the INEGI, and the rest speaks varied dialects (Mayan, zapoteco, tarasco, purépecha etc.).

The economy of this Country. In Latin America it occupies 4 place, is located after the United States, Brazil and Canada, also it is a member of BRINCs (Brazil, Russia, India, Mexico and China), countries considered superpowers. On a global scale Mexico occupies the 13th biggest economy of the world and the TLC (treated of free trade) plays a very important role in the Mexican economy.

Mexico is full of traditions and cultures that are worth admiring and an example would be the holiday of the day of dead persons that is known internationally, for his skulls and the bread of dead person: what Mexican has not written a skull (set phrases with humor on anybody) or it has not proved the dead person bread?

It is a country it is characterized for being kind and hospitable, with big service spirit and speaking about the sense of humor since the Mexicans always smile although the life is treating them with very much sadism, it is believing in the catholic faith although there are other religions, emphasizes the worship to the Guadalupana, help is always humanitarian to the neighbor since for the Mexicans it says a saying that he says TODAY FOR YOU TOMORROW FOR ME, without forgetting the family that when the things become ugly they join to find a solution, they are hard-working, honest and with very deep-rooted beginning full of faith and hope. Also they are characterized for being unpunctual and staying badly although they always put a pretext, they like boasting of being the best, saying in (throwing) colloquial terms. It is necessary to admit that in this they lack much that to learn of other countries.

Then how to tell that a country with so many favorable characteristics is floating in a pond and does not manage to go out, is this speaking hypothetically on his economy. They always blame his government of the bad thing that they are economically, that if there are a few thieves and corrupt ones, etc. it will not be that the conformism takes them to an idyllic romanticism because they hope that his leaders should be magic and should solve his problems. But: what are they doing for improving? A very clear example would be the garbage that there is in the streets according to Héctor Castillo Berthier (investigator of the institute of investigation of the UNAM) the government it spends about 1500 and 1700 millions in weight a year for garbage handling, apart the expenses caused by the trucks recollectors, to this he is necessary to be added by what spends in the floods because the strainers wrap up Y there the government he invests another high quantity in restoring something of what got lost. This alone for some quote of so many people problems that might be diminished in a high percentage, and to this money one would give him another use.

As Mexican I ask myself: Because we complain if we are just as we want? let's look for solutions, let's do something for our homeland and sintámonos proud to be Mexicans, let's admire the good things of Mexico and let's demonstrate that we are a country that although it falls down does not remain to cry, he gets up and continues, let's begin TODAY let's do honor to the phrase of which he was our president, Vicente Fox.

We have countless reasons to be prides, an example is that we have hospitals that compete on a global scale in investigation, savants that the United States think about how to study in hospitals of the city Mexico and Guadalajara, we have a freedom that other countries already wanted, natural resources to exploit, the continuous list, but we focus in seeing only the bad thing and blaming someone, the problem already have it it is time to look for the solution.

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