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On November 03, 2008

Business for Internet: 100 business Ideas for Internet (It lists 2)

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I continue the list of Business for Internet that you can tackle. We will see principally how to work from house, like a formal employment and generate sufficient resources to resign from your current work.

I negotiate for Internet: I work from house

21. Several jobs receive payments per hour, but them better paid there are probably the work projects. Some examples of both: Writing (Copywriting), correction of web content / Ebooks / bulletins. Some places where you can see as this works are elance, guru, rentacoder, graphicdesign, more.
Creative Commons License photo credit: pj.carlos

22. To answer e-mail or phone: I know part of the first line of rel="nofollow""" of the service to the client of a company. It leaks the easy questions of the users, indicating the pertinent sections of his manual and processes what real problems seem to have. You are saving valuable time to the engineers of the company, and provide a valuable service – that are ready to pay. A change of this model is the assistance for chat, where really you sit down in your PC and chat with users who entered the web site of the company and gave clic in the help button. Sometimes a little of training it is needed.

23. Are you good in web design, HTML, CSS? Create designs (staff) and sell them. You can sell each of them several times the webmasters that do not have the time or the patience to familiarize themselves with the complexities and peculiarities.

24. Alertness of Wikipedia / forums / blogs that mention a name or mark in particular: A recent study showed that several Wikipedia earnings were being manipulated by a political party of the USA that had hired persons only for this end. Do not you believe that his opponents wanted to know whenever some facts are manipulated? He looks for someone who needs “administration of news” or needs to know when someone news is being "manipulated". He needs to be "proactive" since these work places are not "publicized", but the fact that they do not promise to be it means that others do not know about them, and you have an advantage. And there are opportunities in almost all the languages.

25. Business directories for Internet: to begin one. The webmasters (or managers of places) pay to be listed in your directory. While your directory is better, more you can charge. It segments the market, create a directory of a niche and check it to hand, these are absolutely better than that automatic.

preservation architects do it with gloves on...

I negotiate for Internet

26. To fill surveys. It is true, there is a persons' big quantity that they do this, but there are still some programs that they pay for refilling surveys. If you are not dismayed about the privacy and are ready to reveal all your personal information (of fiction or personal information) in general there is someone ready to pay to you, from YouGov up to Ciao. East – and some of the next ones – are called IFW or Incentivised Freebie Websites (Places of Incentives Free).
Creative Commons License photo credit: ReefRaff

27. It receives income for reading e-mail. Why do the companies pay for this? A heap of reasons, the principal one that a human eye can detect SPAM easier than the best apprehension program. Even the best program anti-spam has some false positives and any companies cannot allow themselves the luxury of having anyone.

28. It provides other filters services. There are the people who pays money so that you filter the million announcements of eBay to find the objects / curiosities / lots / books that really they need. Another idea of leaked: The businessmen who look web sites that to buy, regularly they visit forums of Buy / sale of places and must investigate across thousands of announcements a week. He tries to speak with one or two of them, offers to acquaint you with what they are looking and to do the search in the future for them.

29. The web has allowed an easy access to tons of things free. For example, in 2007, an important manufacturer of bats of cricket had a problem. The cricket bats can no have wooden marks in them, so most of the wood of the tree of willow have to be rejected like scrap. Not few bags, but 70 tons per week. Free. They appear in the place eastex.org.uk. Here the opportunity goes: To find a company that sells crust for gardens. It finds out how much they are paying for buying wood. You offer 70 tons of a good willow a week to 50 % of his current costs, whenever they gather it themselves. Or get in touch with the manufacturers of badges of pressed wood / wooden providers, etc. It is possible that Eastex does not have this opportunity now … but there are others. And in other places.

30. CPA = cost for action. Apart from filling of the surveys, the people pay for all kinds of things. As to click in linkage (although it is possible that you want to verify that you are not taking part in the clics fraud).

31. To publish in Forums: As to take part in forums and in the chat with other persons. The owners denuevos forums have a problem. If there is no big conversations quantity, then the people do not stop to speak. So they obtain flow in the chat across the payment of the posts (that is to say, of comments). Therefore, it receives income for chatting.

Digitalis Vomit

Million Dollar Page

32. To make something dumb. There is a page that received a million dollars, for selling pixels on his page. (milliondollarhomepage) But, because it was in the news / his 15 minutes of reputation, the people centred on that, and paid money for what earlier could be considered to be a quite useless tie. Yes, the people take these decisions. And you can make use of it.

Creative Commons License photo credit: CJ Sorg

33. To make something more useful and less dumb. Find a need in a niche and fill it. Do the people complain in the forums about how cannot they find spare parts for a certain type of car? He looks for someone who does it and I know the intermediary. Do they complain about limitations in a software? A programmer looks to design a solution and it begins to sell it.

34. Do you have experience in a topic in particular? He writes regularly on this topic and gives your knowledge of free form. The people will add your blog and will visit it regularly. The money in this business for Internet consists in allowing to the companies to announce his products and services to your hearing. There are third ones as payperpost, blogvertise, creamaid, Blogitive, reviewme, loudlaunch etc, that deals with the advertisers' search.

35. Have you no experience in a topic in particular? That does not stop the bloggers. Some of them blogean in most of the mundane things – of what there was for the breakfast to the form in which they spend his days. And to weigh, the advertisers come. Therefore, you do not have to create a blog to demonstrate your knowledge. Do a blog to demonstrate your obsession for the camera and to show all the stupid pictures that you take every day. Or a blog about the breast feeding to his children.

36. It takes part in myspace, joins a heap of “friends“ and public publicity. Send them to pages where to promote affiliation programs and can join income of up to five numbers every month. There are the people who does much more.

Sunset Veil's Myspace, V.2


37. Or to use hardware as MySpace to promote your activities out of line – as the music, if you compose. Arctic Monkeys is an example.
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mhogan35

38. Another business for Internet: It sells trinklets (accessories for the page) to the MySpace users. They love this. Especially the creative ones. Funds of Myspace, staff, animations, scripts, icons and other “resources myspace” are a multimillionaire industry in dollars.

39. To write an informative bulletin. To develop a list of mail is a long-term plan that pays the dividends, but do not wait for immediate results. If your news bulletin is good and you promote them really, you will be able to assemble hundreds of thousands of subscribers (all those that to obtain the free finished bulletin). While more subscribers you have in his list, more advertisers pay according to his informative bulletin.

40. To look for something that is not bandaged, and it leaves that your imagination runs. It leaves that your thoughts run, and finds the product most difficult to sell. For example: who had foreseen that there is an active market for the urine? So, the sale of a scandalous topic begins and perhaps you think that a market exists already.

41. To construct a community. While some webmasters see small comeback of the places of forums, it is probable because it is using contextuales programs as Adsense. One of the biggest communities webmaster (forum) is free to affiliate and freely to use, and if it is very secondhand, it will use big quantity of wide band, creating high costs. But, you can do a very profitable revenue of the organization of conferences and fairs. Your "community" will guarantee the entire sale.

42. To be a vinculador. (Someone that you create hyperties) Webmasters needs that the people are connected to them. It helps them to rankear better in the searchers. But they do not have time to go to the links search. You can devote yourself to his search and charge from the people for identifying and to find possible associates of links (link partners).

Linktributions Ahoy?

To create Links

43. Related to the previous idea, it initiates a directory with the service of submission of links. There is a heap of directories, many people accept linkage free, but you have to do this to hand. When you are familiar with the process of registering links, you can do it in a more rapid way. The webmasters have to register, hope for an answer, to jump some hobbles, etc. They prefer to order it to subcontract someone who can make it more rapid and has the time.
Creative Commons License photo credit: cogdogblog

44. Another business form of the construction of links: to leave mentions of your client in forums, comments of blogs, etc. Like that it is, the clients pay for this. There are ways of doing this: as spam or the correct form. If you can make excellent comments, which they contribute to the discussion, and provide one of these links like benefit, then you will have big demand with the webmasters that think about how to spread his page.

45. The press releases places (or Press Releases) usually needs the people who checks the bulletins in search of improper language, before extracting the "news". Popular Blogs often needs the same type of review, of the comments to the articles of the blog. The directories of business niches that receive automatic submissions, need to prepare against the spam, therefore also they use the human review of every link. Numerous opportunities exist in this field. The key is to identify a place that seems that it might use this service and tackle them personally.

46. To write an ebook. It is so easy, if you know the topic. It can that scribes on how cultivating flowers, to write códgo PERL, to repair planes to scale, etc. You need to be a good seller, or pay for a good commercialization or to a mercadólogo. Probably be able to sell few ones to thousands of copies of your ebook. The people to pay in line and to unload it. You do not need publishing houses, bookstores, shops. In fact, you do not even need to do the sale. The "Affiliates" (persons who create a place only to sell your product) can do it for you, for a commission.

47. Turn into an expert of a business for Internet in a particular niche. And he charges for your advices across a service online, webinars (seminars online), or events of your niche. The big news is that to be expert in your niche, only you need of spending many hours online, reading and absorbing the knowledge.

48. The classification of information and other small works, they are paid for hour. This is the version in line of distributing frills, unless in fact there are opportunities to do money. It is a question of looking in the suitable places and of avoiding all the sharks who look for part of your money, as in the pyramids or inverted pyramids.

Merit badges!

Awards of Internet Business

49. Are you good in graphic design? He designs and offers logotypes and icons descargables of free form (and without watermarks). The excellent icons sell for several hundreds of dollars, for only one client.
credit: SuziJane

50. To create an award and logos with him. While more believable, better. Grant them to places that you like … and offer to pay a commission to them for administering and using the logo per year.

Here there is the part 3 of the List of Business for Internet that you can begin tomorrow.

To return to the part 1 of Business for Internet, here.

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