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On November 02, 2008

100 business for Internet to Gain Money – List of business Ideas 1

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100 Negocios for Internet to do money in Internet - Discovers the first part of 100 Business for Internet that you can begin to gain money from your house. (part-time or finished time, and of work at home)


Some ideas are good and they have opportunity, different are ideas that possibly are more complicated or problematic … but all these methods supposedly to generate a lot of cash, and each and everyone are legal (at least somewhere). Some ideas can seem repeated (and anyone could not be covered in everything), but I still rel="nofollow""" that 100 Business exists for Internet to do money.

I have assembled a big quantity of these ideas of hundreds of hours discussing companies in sale with his owners. They have shared with me the form in which his companies produce, how to do money in line, the form in which they constructed his companies, etc. They even me have led to his statistics of traffic, his income and the fiscal accounts and numbers. Many even me led to his accounts of Adsense or of his account of “principal income”.

Most of these managerial ideas can be executed from any part of the world, even in the United States, Australia and Latin-American countries. For the sake of the coherence well all the numbers are quoted in dollars USD.

Every method is summed up in small only one, for what is not a finished complete version. And, no, I have not tried to execute each of 100 business models to do money in Internet. Nevertheless, I do an analysis – in the opportune moment – of some of the business that have worked for me.

He remembers that these are ideas, and the execution there are your responsibility, as the result.

TOKYO stay

Business for Internet

To find Business for Internet

1. You devote yourself to sail along Internet and look web sites to the sale in forums. Those persons who think about how to sell his places really say to you how much money they do. Elije the place that adapts itself to you. It investigates a little or there uses a searcher as Google to find the way of doing money in this business model of Internet. But: why to stop in a search engine? Most of the people come at least from 1 % of the information that is looking, since only they use a searcher as Google. Navigators exist with more advanced functions, and there do not know of the benefits of using specializing searchers, local searchers, etc.

Creative Commons License photo credit: mujitra (´・ω・)

2. It packs the previous idea in an electronic product as an e-book, to say to another people how to do money in Internet. A big market exists for the sale of the knowledge, there are the most important assets that you can obtain.

3. More creative with your search. He looks for informative small-scale enterprises bulletins, or for jobs bulletins at home in his particular niche or hobby. (And he verifies the previous point, in specializing searchers). Also you can look across the categories of DMOZ the most important (directory of websites of the network).

But the use of “searches“ is only the beginning, the top of the business for Internet. There are many simpler ways, which now we will see.

Domains as Business for Internet

4. The fever of the gold of the point com has done many millionaires, but there is still a lot of money in real estate of domain (to be a proprietor of a name of a place that in the future you can sell at a major price) and opportunities to be taken. A good point com can be difficult to find now. For example, if you look for places of a word, as negocios.com, dinero.com, or any word that you think, the surest thing is that it is sold. But there is a big places quantity with completion.info. eu. tv, or.co. that have not been taken and you can be useful.

All these domains opportunities can be investigated in many forums of the Internet marketing. You start thinking creativamente and try to buy a domain with some phrase or famous word of a few dollars and resell it.

5. Do you need ideas of domains? He looks in different forus as I SEDATE, DNForums, Afternics and other places where the domains are bought and sell. The sufficient thing is always learned on the market to recognize offers that might give to you to make the living, only from the buy of the existing domains and their resale.

Picnik - Believe an account

I negotiate for Internet

Creative Commons License photo credit: Torley

6. Another way of finding domains, it is to cover a dictionaries checkup against the available domains and to verify them automatically with search volumes (using OST, Wordtracker, etc.) for this term. And it uses the costs of Pay Per Click (PPC) in the most important announcements that you think that there are more profitable opportunities. If you obtain a domain in a profitable term, it can use a domain program parked (domain parking lot program). Or publish one or two articles about content and obtain some links … and the searchers will begin sending traffic to your place. If the phrase that the people are writing coincides exactly with the name of the domain, you can obtain a big advantage with the searchers.

7. If you are intelligent and know some language, you can be doing this in several languages. And not to pay for any domain until you have tried free form (for five days) to see if it is really you obtain any type of traffic (and that so well the traffic monetiza, that is to say, generates income). After you have proved the domain for five days, there is nothing that stops you to request another five days of test. It is legal.


Internet Negosio

Creative Commons License photo credit: House Of Sims

8. Orthographic errors. Massive opportunities still exist in the spelling mistakes Y on the market of orthographic errors. Persons who try to enter a place, end in your place in his place … and you sell to them things (or you can use the idea of a parked domain). Some of them even find opportunities in the PPC campaigns in orthographic errors of important marks (for example, instead of Nike, Nik writes). To find errors has never been so easy. There is many hardware that you can use to find orthographic absences.

9. Parked domains and the type of traffic: The persons sometimes foresee an URL (that is to say, the Internet address of the page for that they are looking) If they look for a restaurant, they can try restaurante.com although they have never used this place. He looks for terms that the people can be writing in the URL, buy the domain and refill it with the announcements publication. There are several programs for monetizar parked domains. Or to combine this with the previous idea of buying places with orthographic errors as restarante.com or similar domains with errors to do money in line.

10. Another business for Internet: Opportunities for renewal. Sometimes the proprietors of a place forget to renew his domains and these expire. To gather them can give you some remaining traffic of the places that are still connected by this domain, of persons who have marked it in his Favorites (or Bookmarks), etc. In some cases, the traffic can be quite high. He remembers that you must be the sufficiently rapid thing to replace the content protected by copyright that was there with another thing can do a profitable business, of not doing anything more that this.

11. A change of the previous one. It sells the domain to the previous owners. Bear in mind that you must take it carefully and familiarize itself with the domain norms before beginning sending rescue notes. For example, with the ICANN (the domains that end in. com, for example) the moment to send to the previous owners an e-mail saying that you have his domain and we will give it to him again for $ 10K … you have just lost. It cannot seem like a rescue demand. Reasonable and to read the small letter of the Politics UDRP. No UDRP is needed if you are seated like hostage in myspace.com / nombredelaempresa or his equivalent in blogger, MyBlogLog, or other big places.

12. He handles a service of management of domains. Hundreds of thousands of webmasters (or more) have a big domains portfolio. Many of them would wish to take from him the part got bored with the management of a domain. You can execute his DNSes or simply a service that he reminds to them when it is the renewal of every domain. Or an automated alertness service to say to them when one of his domains and web sites is inaccessible.


Directory Internet Business

13. I initiate a directory that lists the domains to the sale. That is what the people as I SEDATE do. You can
to obtain money only for allowing the domains to appear in your business directory by Internet.

14. If you use a service where you communicate the buyers and domains sellers, you can obtain money adding additional services (like the service of guaranteed payment). For more ideas he throws a glance to what the domains intermediaries offer.

Creative Commons License photo credit: NatalieMaynor

15. He administers a service of investigation of domain. What do you believe that it happens when a manufacturer is looking for names for a new car model? Or is it beginning a new scale of garments? They need to investigate marks and patents, but now also they need investigation of from domains. Which of literally are thousands of combinations and spelling mistakes (+.com) taken and which is it necessary to buy? With some of the hardware free of domain discussed on this page and others – like hardware of free DNS – and little time, you might provide a service that they would pay a heap of money.

16. Your own country begins: Yes, you are reading well. If you have heard to speak about Sealand, you will know that to initiate your own country is not such a crazy idea. Once you have your own country (for example Cargentina) you can apply for an extension (.car), and sell million domains. He keeps some for you. You always wanted a Google. ___?

17. It realizes services of domain for the companies and, next, he sends a proforma (although they have never heard to speak about you). Tell to them that it is free, but that you will keep on working for them for a small quota. For example, there are thousands of big companies, which careless webmasters / developers did not put a readdressing of the pages not - www to the versions www of his places (or vice versa). A businessman did thousands of dollars of indicating to the companies the form in which they were losing hundreds of clients every year who were entering the place http://xxx-nombredelaempresa.com and they did not find anything.

Buy and business sale for Internet

come to yourself of garage

Internet companies

18. Many places run in “automatic pilot”. A common price to which they are bandaged in forums of sale of places is 12 to 24 months the value of the clear income. Whenever you do not spoil the place, you can recover your capital in only 12 months and then … sell the place to recover your capital again. It duplicates your capital every year. 100 % of comeback.
19. Places Flipping (or web sites renewal) does not need very much capital and knowledge specialized like many people he believes. As the flipping of real property, buys one who needs a little progress. Arrange it, and then sell it for a good profit. Creative Commons Licensephoto credit: TheTruthAbout

20. How to privatize the market? There are DMOZ categories with old places (places that have been listed for many years) that are not updated. If you can gather some places in the same category and fuse his content, suddenly you are a proprietor of this niche. This opens the doors to you for multiple opportunities of alternative income.

To know the following part of the business list for Internet, here.

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