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On November 05, 2008

Business ideas and Work for Internet – Ready 4 of Top 100 Business for Internet

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Not Ethical business for Internet

In this article, we will see not ethical Business for Internet. I do not rel="nofollow""" any of these ideas, but it seems important to me that you have the knowledge that they exist, and must be announced. He makes use of these business ideas for Internet if they seem applicable to you in your situation, and investigates more on the topic using the terms that I describe.

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Not Ethical business for Internet

64. Has anybody violated his rights in line? Perhaps they do not have a privacy page in his place as the law demands it. Or they have not done his friendly place to the navigation (illegal in some parts of the world). Demand them. I know the history of a person who was receiving sellers' calls. It demanded them in California, the United States, and in accordance with the laws of the United States, dollars are fined by $ 500 whenever a seller does a call to him. He extracted 6000 dollars. What are the laws where you live?

65. Have not they violated his rights? Demand them also. This is the reason for which so many people to defendant to Google for incomprehensible reasons, for example, giving them incorrect search results, showing anti-Christian places, being a racist, etc.

66. Sale of photos: He looks celebrities or famous persons in your city, and sells the photos for Internet.

67. To look for business domains and to order them the account (although it has never heard to speak about you). Some companies will pay it. A success of 0,01 % of a million will have a value for 100 thousand dollars (for $ buys a domain to US 10 each one). For example, you might form a program to extract names of companies from a database (like Yellowpages or the Yellow Section), to cover the names for spelling mistakes and to generate automatically a mail for every company with a list of domains that you have identified. This is a service: truth? Only in the United Kingdom this is prohibited.

everything I know is wrong

Business for Internet counting a History

68. Another Business for Internet. It exploits the use of histories. It counts a history (your grandmother died, you do not have to pay the school fees of the school, etc.) and are that the people realize donations to you for Paypal.

69. Marketing of Relations: He looks friends to sell them. This is called Network Marketing, it is a question of selling to your friends his products, or of promoting products with the list of your friends.

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70. Turn into a voluntary publisher in places as DMOZ the most important (directory of websites) and then to take bribes to list places. Is it illegal? In many parts of the world probably it is not, therefore it happens very much.

71. Requests: The persons constantly realize requests to his chiefs or to politicians. Some of them pay to the persons for joining his cause. To subscribe repeatedly can be done, especially for those that can change his direction IP.

72. Care with this business for Internet: E-mail SPAM. Nobody likes, it is illegal in some countries, the Internet services providers make to obtain even more annoying very annoying, the beneficiaries. But of any form, many keep on doing it like work.

73. Where there is a big problem, there is an opportunity: it creates a service of free mail like Hotmail, but with a good system of leaked of SPAM. High place costs of beginning, insurance, but if you obtain a sufficient number of persons, the signature be able to have a value of a few millions very quickly. For example, Google and his service Gmail obtained approximately 4 % of the market without any publicity of his service.

74. It begins a Program of Investment of High Yield of Comeback, further on I will speak more of the topic.

Business opportunities for Internet in Arbitration, Financial Services, Stock Exchange, and others.

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Business for Internet of A lot of Money

75. There are three topics where there is always money; medicines, casinos and places for adults. These are probably the three biggest money areas in the network and probably they have done more millionaire than any other. But they are very competitive and there are markets difficult to penetrate. Any way there are many legitimate opportunities in these sectors.

76. Example of an opportunity of intermediation: During a time, the traffic buy across Google Adwords and the mailing of the traffic to the pages of little contained with announcements of Google Adsense, they were generating reasonable profit. There are still many opportunities in this sense, using even other services like buying MSN traffic and selling using Yahoo, for example.

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77. There are many arbitration opportunities in the world of the finance as he explains himself further on, but if the economy and the finance bore you, arbitration of the sports exists. Different bets in line can offer different probabilities in a sports event. By means of the adoption of the best probabilities, you can gain money. If you are really intelligent you can initiate your own program.

78. Hosting: You do not need to buy many servants hardware to provide a service of web accommodation. Many of the big companies of hosting sell his hosting plans to his consumers and later they lodge the service with another servant. You him can charge from your clients what you love. But of equal form, he always remembers to give a good service.

79. Related to the previous thing, it exists hosting free where you provide the service to small web sites owners and hosting free, in return to announce on the pages to generate income. Some pioneers in this it is Geocities and Angelfire.

80. To be an agent can be done in thousand different ways. There are some businessmen to generate utilities, of putting projects in elance.com or guru.com, and developing it with a group of programmers.

To continue, here the list is 5 of ideas of 100 Business for Internet.

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November 5th, 2008 at 12:56 pm


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November 22nd, 2008 at 8:15 am


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4 | Fabian

December 13th, 2008 at 3:22 pm


Thank you very much for all the this information it is very important, and the truth almost does not set one to be reflected on all the fields of marketing that are.


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