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10 Dec, 2009

To gain Money For Internet: How?

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To gain money for Internet is not easy. Many products that they offer in the Internet are not reliable, and they offer "simple" solutions and of “a lot of money” for a few dollars. In fact, I have bought several of these products to gain money for Internet, and the truth, they have not been useful to me. What I learned had to be learned by me of errors and defeats, and I want to share with you the real ways of gaining money for Internet.

Before he should evaluate them, I mention to him that they need of few investment, many patience and hard work. An easy answer does not exist to gain money in Internet. To give him an example, it is needed a traffic from 200 to 300 persons before selling an electronic product. And to obtain this traffic quantity, it is needed posicionarse in the place number one in Google at least in 5 keywords or search words. To be simple, but in fact the work to obtain these numbers can be late months. And even, in contrast to that the products of gaining money for Internet teach, it is needed to develop a well thought-out marketing strategy. For example, I have a partner who developed an electronic product to help the men to seduce women. After months of work and not a sale, he asked me for help. The conclusion: the men who wanted the product were Hispanic young people, without credit card to do the buy. Result: my friend sold the place.

to gain money for Internet
photo credit: steakpinball

Therefore, in this post we will see real strategies to gain money in Internet. Eliga one of them and investigate more on his development and implementation. My recommendation: simply begin a blog and feel an idea of that means to take a business as Internet. Once done this, continue with one of the strategies.

Strategy to gain money in Internet 1: To create a blog and to add Adsense publicity

This is a relatively new strategy of Internet marketing that is imposed quickly with the marketing experts. Many people keep on thinking that it is needed a lot of knowledge to create an Internet place, but it will see that to install a blog is so simple as to create an Internet account. The blogs have existed from the decade of 1990, but till now they had been used principally with political ends, or like a way so that the persons were becoming visible. In the last year nevertheless, the experts in business as Internet have begun to adopt this strategy to a great extent.

Briefly, a blog is a newspaper in line, a page or pages that are updated often. The engines of search as Google love them, because they are full of new content whenever the chandeliers or spiders they enter (there are programs of Google to analyze the content of your place).Los webmasters also they love, because the blogs visit the search engines often, and raise it in the ranking, if the blog is well designed to concentrate on certain keywords and key phrases (as any web page). The blogs can be used to publish critiques of products, announcements of products, articles and linkage to his principal place. Also it can be used like mechanism for the publication of a bulletin in line, without the complications associated with the e-mail and the construction of a list opt-in.

The best way of doing money with a blog is across Google Adsense. This is the whole publicity that sees about many places like this one. Google pays a percentage for every clic that the visitors give to the announcement. In Latin America it is the form most used to gain money in Internet. And, it is not complicated to install it, if it uses blogs systems as Blogger or Wordpress.

Strategy to gain money in Internet 2: Email Marketing and Bulletin by E-mail

This business strategy in Internet is the most effective to come to a base of specific clients. Two methods more often used to apply the present strategy it is the opt-in email marketing, and writing and publishing a bulletin in line. The opt-in is a sudden announcement that presents to itself the one who visits the place, offering some free and interesting product in exchange for his mail.

The e-mail marketing has become more and more difficult in the last years, and has enough limitations. This is a part of the reason of that the blogs and the RSS are gaining popularity so much. For example, many people consider this type of mail as spam, which is annoying for the user. In spite of his problems, the marketing by e-mail keeps on being a viable option, although something limited. To gain money in Internet with this strategy, there are promoted member products (that is to say, products of other Internet places, that when realize a sale for his place, will give him a commission for his promotion).

Many experts coincide that one of the best ways of initiating or promoting an Internet business is with an e-mail bulletin. The publication of a bulletin allows him to develop of more "personal" form the relation with his potential or basic clients client, and can be a big help in the "mark" of any electronic business.

Strategy to gain money in Internet 3: CATHEDRAL

The CATHEDRAL means Search Engine Optimization. This is, to optimize the position of his place in accordance with the searcher and the keyword who wants. Also he is met like organic search.

The reason for hay that to consider this to be a marketing strategy in Internet is very simple. The traffic of engines of search like Google is free, and while his position in the ranking of the keyword keeps on rising, it is more probable that it generates sales for affiliates, proper products or publicity to gain money in Internet. In the long run, the traffic is the principal worry of the webmasters of the Internet marketing.

Everybody wants the best position in the searchers and directories for a good reason. Between 80 and 90 % of the clics that happen when you look in Google are in the first result, that is to say, the first page that it appears in the searcher. If you are new in the Internet, do to deceive itself for the persons who say that they sell to you the first position in the search engines. In many cases, they will take his money and, often they offer little or not in return at all. The best way is to have fresh and original content in his place, to create links with other pages and to know how “to sell” to the searcher his words you should fix.

Strategy to gain money in Internet 4: E-marketing with Pay Per Click (Adwords)

In addition to the traditional search engines, there exist numerous engines of search Pay Per Click that it can use. The most famous engine, Google, offers these announcements nearby right and arrives when you realize a search.

The service of Google is called Adwords. You only pay for clics advertizing real to his place, and the publicity directed in Pay Per Click (PPC) of the engines of search will help him to increase the number of visitors of the place (and let's wait that the clients!) that you have.

To gain money for Internet in this strategy, he has to invest money in Adwords publicity, in order that his place appears in the searches of the keyword that you want. It is advisable for those that want to sell a physical product in his region, and to improve themselves for Internet. For example, the ink cartridges are a typical case. So that you should see it yourself, write in google “cartridges of ink”, and it will see nearby right of his screen after giving clic, several companies that offer cartridges in his region. Nevertheless, to have many clic in his announcement is not a guarantee of that has real sales.

Strategy to gain money in Internet 5 – Publication of articles in E-zines

Another strategy much used in the searches in English is to publish articles in E-zines, or places dedicated to publishing articles of other persons. What is the game? You give his content to the e-zine, in exchange for you improve yourself yourself in the article.

To include announcements in these articles can be a good way of obtaining some traffic to his place, or to cover the voice about his product and this form to gain money for Internet. There are thousands of e-zines in English, nevertheless in Spanish sound difficult to find. As with any other form of publicity, nevertheless, it is necessary to be careful his expenses, and the need for some method for the pursuit of his results. Also avoid to create suppressed double, that is to say, to copy the content of another place and to make it his. Google punishes this and his page can lose all his traffic.

If one wants to promote you, his product or his company, in 100Negocios we offer to publish business articles. For more information, of clic here in publishing article.

Strategy to gain money in Internet 6: Exchanges of traffic and Banners

To generate more traffic to his place, where it is selling affiliates, publicity or products, he can exchange with pages looked like a traffic and banners. The banners are the announcements that it sees in a place (like of above of this post of As Beginning a Business).

The traffic exchange they are known by a names variety, including “the exchange of the page of beginning”, “navigation for clics”, and similar terms.

To develop this strategy, look for places similar to his or those whom his clients are visiting. Order a mail to the webmaster of the place (generally there is a contact page) and communicate to him his interest to increase his traffic and of him, and to exchange banners. The rule that I have observed is that a good banner can pull up to 10 % the traffic of one day. Namely if his traffic belongs to 100 persons, 10 give clic to the banner. If in traffic it belongs to 10,000, 1000 persons they give clic to the banner. Of course, while more traffic has a place, the webmasters tend to sell his space to banners, not to exchange them.

Strategy to gain money in Internet 7: Real publicity for his Business for Internet

This strategy is almost forgotten by the experts of Internet marketing. Basically, you improve yourself out of the Internet, in the real world, to give traffic to his place.

Before judging it, allow me to give him an example: let's say that it has an electronic product to extract 10 in any examination that the present buyer. Using this strategy, it would go to the universities and would improve itself with stickers, a banner, or an announcement where the students could see it. I assure to him that without of account, it being gain money in Internet with this real strategy.

Strategy to gain money in Internet 8: Social networks and Social Bookmarking

These methods are a part of the movement “Web 2.0 ″ that began in 2006 and 2007. The idea is that there works the most interactive Web of form, focused on the user. With this end, the places as Technorati arose, where the users can keep his favorite places and rankearlos, and other users can find places by virtue of his popularity.

In Latin America, Youtube, MySpace and Facebook are the hardware that it has to develop to gain money for Internet. Record a video, look friends in Facebook, there are ways of promoting his place and of creating interest and traffic.

Nevertheless, taken care, most of these communities discourage the shameless commercialization. Therefore, his principal use is to do contacts and to direct the traffic to his web site.

Finally, to gain money in Internet needs of an enterprising mentality and of many perseverance. Most of the Internet entrepreneurs resign to the first year, after seeing that they did not obtain turned out. My recommendation: do not believe that it is going to do the fortune of dollars as they present it to themselves in products of gaining money in Internet. Distrust, before using his money and receiving a book with tons of meaningless information. For assistance or consultancy, order us a mail to 100negocios shehab.org

10 Responses to "to Gain Money For Internet: How?"

1 | Luis Medina

December 16th, 2009 at 11:04 am


Newly I have begun to penetrate into the business for Internet have realized some frustrated attempts as well you comment in your article and I believe that this article me has been of big utility, have realized some blogs with some moderate success but never an elaborated strategy that involves on what you comment in the article.

Nevertheless I will put into practice your recommendations and in a pair of months I comment to you on my results and wait for some contribution that should help other Hispanics in this topic.

Thousand thank you

Luis Medina

2 | Juan Ortega

December 24th, 2009 at 7:28 pm


I also have just penetrated to be able to gain money in Internet, investigating I thought that one can sell products of other persons and they pay a commission to him. I believe that it is a good way of penetrating pair to obtain extra income.

3 | Carlos Iram

January 11th, 2010 at 3:12 pm


very good information, the truth is that scarcely I have beginning in this and since any advice will be well come jeje well I say goodbye bye.

pd: I will give pursuit to your blog ;)

4 | Raul Medina

January 15th, 2010 at 12:11 pm


The this quite balanced and sincere information, days ago I saw in the press this option to do he denied -
cios for interner and I decided to investigate to see as the above mentioned operations are realized …

5 | Sergio

February 12th, 2010 at 4:53 pm


Excellent points on those that you comment, nevertheless nowadays many competition exists, but that is good; since it means that there is a lot of money moving in the network.

Also I think that for the same we must perfect better our strategies be already PPC or of affiliates, that the personal thing it is what me is working



February 16th, 2010 at 7:30 am


All the previous ways of gaining money are very valid, each one is a miniscience that we must investigate up to being able to dominate it, very good article.

7 | hawk

March 18th, 2010 at 10:24 pm


adwords is the best way of obtaining specific traffic, but it is also the most expensive, for the beginners, I also bought some courses, and since they say half truths to you, bought an adwords course and you become convinced why they present to you a proof that with only 30 dollars a month you can ahcer a campaign in adwords thing that is not bad but that is almost impossible for someone who for the first time has opens a campaign in adwords, they say to you that you can lower the cpc of the keywords to 0.01 cent sews that it can be but for one that newly it begins in the life since, so if they buy a course and want to apply it they have to have a lot of more money to apply neither all these strategies nor way, many people do not say it but so it is … there is and for the proprietor of the friendly blog it extracts this announcement of the left that I could not read all your post, bye

8 | Economists of the web

March 21st, 2010 at 4:33 pm


These strategies are not bad, but they exist many other methods more to generate money for Internet that I believe are more effective, and the margins are higher.

What it is necessary to realize well is it is not easy and reuqiere a lot of work, but it has many rewards.

Good Post!

9 | Apolonio

April 10th, 2010 at 5:23 pm


Good did not seem to me a valuable information but, it might apply. But he would consider better to use this type of way in a more strategic form.

Thank you …

10 | Juan Coccaro

April 13th, 2010 at 1:00 pm


There are different ways of gaining money, but I believe that it is more difficult than the people imagine. We can sell products to commission, have a web with publicity, etc. But I think that the Hispanic market still has very much for growing and we have to be prepared for the different opportunities that surgan. Good Article.

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