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The Entrepreneur – entrepreneurs' Definition

Posted By 100 Business On December 20, 2008 9:45 am In Emprendedores | 1 Comment

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Entrepreneurs' definitions and the real meaning of “the entrepreneur”

There are many opinions about what it does to “The entrepreneur” and what is an enterprising company. In a sense, the definition has evolved like the same enterprising field of the business of America. Although we speak about many of the businessmen like the first entrepreneurs, it was not up half of 1970 that the concept of “the entrepreneur” turned into an important part in the economy. Consequently, we see in the literature, a wide variety of definitions of what this activity field is really.

Looking in line, the Dictionary Webster of 1913 defines “the entrepreneur [2]” like “the one that creates a product for its own account.” This definition does not seem finished, it is very limited and not suitable for many of the persons extensively known as businesswomen. The meaning of the word businessman has evolved from 1913.

Only does to create a product do a businessman if it does not do anything with him? What raisin if you take the product of someone and transform it into a success? Is not this what the entrepreneur does? Investorwords, an Internet place of finance, defines the entrepreneur as “an individual who begins his own business”. In what point then does one stop being an entrepreneur? When is not a business [3] already started? The Merriam-Webster in line offers a more current definition: "one that he organizes, administers and assumes the risks of a business or company”. Assuming the risk undoubtedly it fits in most of the businessmen. This definition is, undoubtedly, more finished, but he still lacks the sensation that the innovation is usually one associates with the businessmen.

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The Entrepreneur

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The Real Entrepreneur

Leaving behind the formal definitions, Ashoka, an organization that promotes the social change, he advocates “the social entrepreneur“, persons who open new and important possibilities in the education, the health, the environment, and in other areas of the human need "," as well as the businessmen take the innovation to the commerce, the social entrepreneurs direct the social change “. The concept of entrepreneurs directed to the innovation is attractive because it denotes something more that to initiate a business. Daile Tucker offers his thoughts about what it is needed to be a businessman in: Are you a businessman? She defines the entrepreneur like “a person who has decided to take the control of his future and to turn into worker for proper account is already for the creation of its own business or to work like a member of a team, as in the multilevel marketing”. She identifies the ethics of work and several features of character success of the businessmen [7], and ends with “The entrepreneurs compete with themselves and believe that the success or the defeat is inside his control or personal influence”. This begins to touch the motivation aspects to be a businessman [8] who can distinguish the attracted type of person to be an entrepreneur.

Mark Hendricks takes a step further on, not only recognizing the innovation, but also providing alternatives. Hendricks suggests that the entrepreneur does not have to be daring. Many entrepreneurs feel satisfied selling commodities, with what constant income happens without the intensity of throwing a new product. The life style of the entrepreneur is simple. They want to be their own chief and do a good life, but they do not need to be in the avant-garde, through what he implies living where one wants, working with the people he likes one, and doing a work that he wants to do.

To quote Tom O'Malia, “the entrepreneur is a lover of the trip, not of the destination”. For me, this sums the emotion and the diversion up of being an entrepreneur. And that's why it is not synonymous of being a small businessman. The managerial mentality [9] can operate in all the sizes and types of companies.

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