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13 Dec, 2008

Available exemption: 15 Questions Before to choose an exemption

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Do you want to buy an available exemption in your country? Generally, we believe that the best way so that you turn into your own chief is to buy an exemption. You know that you take time and money to be successful. Nevertheless: what exemption must he buy?

Are here some criteria that can help him to take his decision about the available exemption:


Available exemption

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1. What products or services would you enjoy to sell?
What industries do you like and which not? His best bet is to find an exemption in an industry that, at least, knows a little. For example, there is a typical case of persons who chose badly his exemption. A seller of motorcars of Chicago decided to change the career and enter business himself. He bought an exemption of waterproofing of cellars, but then he thought that the business was boring. He wanted to sell it, but the sales were not so high as it had been foreseen that would be, and that there were problems to find a buyer. He remained caught with the payment of the quota of exemption and in a work that he did not enjoy.

2. How much money do you available have to invest?
The quantity of money that it has available for investing in an exemption is an important factor. If only 30,000 has $ and the minimal investment for a specific exemption opportunity is of $ 90.000, the opportunity is not going to be adapted for you, does not import how much you like the company.

3. What is the entire cost of the buy?
The exemption quota will not be his only expense. Find out for what he can wait to pay for the publicity, training, inventory, insurances, and all the rest expenses, in addition to the quota of exemption and privileges.

4. What so well established is the exemption?
How long has the exemption existed? Has the business existed for many years or is it a new mark? How much other exemption have they opened and where are they located?

5. So stable what is the available exemption?
What are the precedents of his creators? (The whole history of litigation or the failure of the exemption or of his creators supposes that they will be included in the publication document).

6. What type of record do they have the exemption?
Have most of his franquiciados had success? Obtain the names and directions of the franquiciados, before signing any contract. Call the people in the list and ask about his experiences.

7. What type of formation is free?
Ask what type of formation of dará, and that type of rel="nofollow""" as part of his quota of exemption will appear. What type of manuals and other materials is obtained?

8. What so close to his shop can the franquiciador leave that another franquiciado puts another shop?

9. Is it going to be necessary to buy provisions of the same company franquiciadora?
If you are like that, compare the cost of the prices of the market with the prices of the provisions of the franquiciador. There have been cases in which the price of the exemption of the company was major than the price of the same products in local retail shops. To sell any thing in these conditions would be very difficult.

10. What are the terms of the contract about the property? Is it possible to sell another person if he wishes it?
If he wants to continue when the contract should expire: will it be renewed automatically? Will it be capable of turning his shop into an independent operation if this way he wants it?

11. Determine how the conflicts will be treated in case they arise. Check the clauses of arbitration that the franquiciador needs in his origin ppaís.

12. What criteria does it make use of the exemption in the franquiciados selection?
Is it that they do any selection? Or: are they more interested in obtaining his exemption quota?

13. Does the available exemption use skills of sales that press very much to sign the contract?

14. Do give you good thorn the people with whom you are treating?

15. How big is the market of the exemption of the products or services in his area and how many competition is there now?

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