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And business, the electronic commerce in his company

Posted By 100 Business On December 10, 2008 12:38 pm In Negocios for Internet | 2 Comments

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E-business or and business [2] is a synonymous one for the English word e-business [2] and it involves much more than the business for Internet. In fact and business it means electronic business, nevertheless the concept goes further away. The companies that use e-business, rest of the technologies of information and communication (TIC) for all his managerial activities, principally on the subject of business, sales and internal administration.

There exist diverse ways of carrying out the electronic commerce, which allow to the companies to link his internal and external resources, of a more efficient and flexible way, to work more closely with the providers and associates, to satisfy better the needs and expectations of his clients. An example of it is the famous electronic invoice, which allows to providers to express invoices of electronic form, without need that a physical document exists of neither for way nor weeks of waiting so that the clients could assemble his fiscal vouchers.

In practice, the e-business (or electronic business) is something more than the commerce for Internet. The e-business refers to a more strategic approach of the business. Namely across this concept, one can admininistrar the relations with the departments of the company, the relations with clients, or the relations with providers.

E-business implies business processes that include the whole chain of value: of electronic buy and the management of the chain of supply, the prosecution asked by electronic route, the administration of the service to the client, and the cooperation with commercial associates.

Them and business, they can be carried out using the Web, the Internet, intranets, extranets, or some combination of these.

The electronic business is content of 3 parts, which are described next:

1. Internal systems of adminisitración of the business

They allow to the company adminsitrar resources of production, administration, finance and marketing.

2. Mechanisms of communication and collaboration

They allow the personnel and the external people to remain in constant contact, at national and international level.

3. Ecommerce

Buying and selling exchanges between companies, with consumers or with institutions.

Next we present a video to him on these topics of electronic commerce and e-business.

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