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List of business Ideas – 111 business Ideas for 2009

Posted By 100 Business On December 8, 2008 7:01 pm In Empezar a Business, Lists and Tips of Business | 8 Comments

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It is ready of business ideas one focuses in business that we think that they can be successful in 2009. Some of them are extraordinary business ideas, that of course with a good business plan [2], you will be able to begin [3] and administer successfully [4].

  1. Advertizing agency or the publicity of specialties
  2. Food sale without artificial additives
  3. Shop of photos of antiquities
  4. Promotion and brokerage of art
  5. Audio bookstore lirbos
  6. Calligraphy
  7. Cars Personalización
  8. Examination of (mobile) cars
  9. Wash of cars, service of waxed, rapid lubrication, detailed, etc
  10. Laying of Carpets
  11. Service of cleanliness of carpets
  12. Job applications review
  13. Services of Infantile Care
  14. Clothes shop for children
  15. Center of fitness for children
  16. Sale of safety devices for children in the motorcar, stairs, kitchen, swimming pool, etc
  17. Sale of versions for children of adults' products
  18. Service of cleanliness (they specialize in the carpets, hangings, walls, etc)
  19. Collection agency
  20. Consultant of calculation and temporary help
  21. Repair of computers and service of emergency assistance
  22. Consultancy (to the companies and individuals)
  23. Kitchen school
  24. Manualidades shop
  25. Credit consultancy
  26. Personalized design of furniture and his manufacture
  27. Service of Creation of Letters of Sale
  28. Service of Immigration and investigation of works for the persons from the foreigner
  29. Service of catering for holidays
  30. Consultant of Feng shui
  31. Gardens services
  32. Gift of buys of gifts, and delivery
  33. Food store gourmet
  34. The preparation of the meal gourmet in the peoples the houses of
  35. Hairdressing salon (family)
  36. Food health / vitamin
  37. Grass of the agriculture
  38. Entertainment installation for the hearth (Hi-fi, TV, M-Net antennas etc)
  39. Help service to domicile (an organism that provides help to domicile for the tasks to shortly)
  40. Services of progress for the hearth
  41. Immigration and research work of services for the persons from the foreigner
  42. Import and Exportation
  43. Brokerage information
  44. Service Of instantaneous impression
  45. Service of creation of blankets and publicity
  46. Service of design of interiors
  47. Cleanliness service
  48. Maintenance of the lawn
  49. School of Languages
  50. Buys service (of products or goods)
  51. Food sale of Specialty sold to restaurants and delicatessen
  52. Manufacture of Vitrales
  53. Installation and system sale of alertness
  54. Intermediary of transport of goods
  55. Gardens services
  56. Gifts buy, and his personalized delivery
  57. Food store gourmet
  58. Service of preparation of meals gourmet in single-family dwellings
  59. Hairdressing salon (relative)
  60. Sale of healthy food / vitamins
  61. Agriculture of Grasses
  62. Entertainment system installation for the hearth (Hi-fi, TV, M-Net antennas etc)
  63. Service of help for the house to domicile (an organism that provides help to domicile for short tasks)
  64. Services of progress for the hearth
  65. Image consultancy
  66. Bar / bar
  67. Beauty products shop
  68. Establishment of Bed and breakfast
  69. Binding (especially of high leather quality)
  70. Storage service
  71. Production and Sale of bottled purified Water
  72. Sale of animals of unusual babies
  73. Companies of brokerage
  74. Shop of business Cards with photos
  75. Consultant of business Plan
  76. Center of managerial services
  77. Dating agency
  78. Persons' care of the third age or children
  79. Desktop Publishing (DTP)
  80. Restaurant, bakery or food store of diet (meals with few calories)
  81. Disc Jockey (mobile)
  82. Sale and production of Dolls and personalized toys
  83. Products and friendly services ("green") to the Environment
  84. Safety service
  85. Real estate office
  86. Service of planning of events
  87. Executive for recruiting
  88. Financial aid service
  89. Financial intermediary
  90. Florist shop
  91. Food supply service
  92. Writer Freelancer
  93. Manufacture / sale of frozen Yogurt
  94. Furniture renewal
  95. Norm you form of business
  96. Telemarketing agent
  97. Center of temporary care of the children (for the mothers to go shopping)
  98. Revenue of Hardware and teams
  99. School of Training (welder, plumber, secretary, locksmith's etc)
  100. Translation service
  101. Agency of revenue of secondhand cars
  102. Telephone utility account audit and
  103. Vending machines
  104. Service of Videotaping (birthday, weddings, barmitzvahs, baptisms, etc)
  105. Service of alarm clock and reminders
  106. Wedding planner
  107. Service of wash of windows
  108. rel="nofollow""" of Technologies for companies (of office)
  109. Software distributor
  110. Food provider and drinks in concerts or events
  111. Shop of retail clothes
If they have more business ideas that they want to include in the business list, porfavor write them in the comments section.

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