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On October 14, 2008

List of business ideas [Part 1]

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Next we will present a long list to them business profitable that he can tackle from his house or a small office. In future collaborations, we will be studying in depth everything it is ready, for other persons who have asked for ideas for ¨mi proper business ¨.

To start, we present the first list it is for independent professionals that they think about how to offer services particularly in the ambience of the consultancy.

Services of consultancy and personal services

1. Business Coach or coach personal
2. Consultant in computer science and calculation
3. Consultancy in construction and works
4. Specialist in engineering
5. Environmental adviser
6. Consultant in exemption
7. Consultancy in human resources and personnel
8. International analyst
9. Adviser of image
10. Consultant in marketing
11. Medical adviser
12. Specialist in products development
13. Expert in governmental tenders
14. Consultancy in sales
15. Consultancy in handling and administration of risks
16. Consultant in industrial safety
17. Attestor of entire quality
18. Training and labor training
19. Countable services and of audit.
20. Nutrition office.

This week we will continue with other lists to give them more ideas.

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