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Business ideas for 2010

Posted By 100 Business On December 4, 2009 5:50 pm In Buen Negocio, Ideas of Business, Lists and Tips of Business | 13 Comments

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For 2010, the business ideas are focused on green companies and on the persons' needs of advanced age. From the green technologies to the produced food of a more respectful way of the environment, the consumers are translating his environmental worries in action with his money. The biggest persons constitute another market where every time the business opportunities abound.

These are the best business ideas for 2010:

1. Green construction

The consumers more and more worried by the environmental impacts, demand more the green construction practices. Be already that he is buying a new house or re-adapting his current one, the consumers want a building that not only is seen well, but that fulfills the current norms of the environment. The key of a good business [2] will be to sell green materials, construction services with environmental certification and services for the maintenance focused on the ecological aspect.

Business ideas 2010 [3]
Creative Commons License [4] photo [5] credit: doug88888 [3]

2. Green technologies

This business idea for 2010 can be applied perfectly in Latin America without need for much cardinally. The business opportunities abound for the green ideas. For example, a norm exists in Mexico that is going to request the builders that they install heaters based on solar energy on the new houses. He can make use of this business opportunity [6], checking the legislation of his state or region, or asking in new constructions what requisites are asking for the governmental institutions.

Business ideas 2010 [7]
Creative Commons License [8] photo [5] credit: four4dots [7]

3. Discount shops

In 2010, the whole world is going to keep on saying that the economy is improving. The consumers in general, nevertheless, will keep on being cautious with his money and they will be looking for bargains, what does the shop of the dollar (in Mexico, for example, the shops of $ 3 weight) and of discount shops franquiciadas (for example, Waldos). For it, he needs to find providers who exceed them inventories, and thus to buy them at a cheaper price.

Business ideas 2010 [9]
Creative Commons License [4] photo [5] credit: Photos8.com [9]

4. Persons' care of advanced age

The elders' care is one of the best business ideas for 2010, due to his increasing demand. The business opportunities in the scale of the elders' care it is wide, from the opening of its own hearth of elders' care up to providing the care to domicile or services for the hearth, such as the preparation of meals, cleanliness or errands.

5. Renewal of persons' houses of advanced age

The houses renewals have always been a successful idea of business [10]. How to differ between the whole competition? Focus on a market niche. This is, a specific segment of consumers to whom all his business strategy will be applied. The aged adult persons need renewals to do his easiest life and to remain in his houses. The ramps and specializing accessories of bath are only the beginning.

Business ideas 2010 [11]
Creative Commons License [4] photo [5] credit: deweller [11]

6. Products and Services of heating and refrigeration

The heating and refrigeration are big business ideas for this 2010, because the industry receives an impulse of the governmental incentives for the environment. On having installed a solar heater in the hearth, not only it saves long-term money, but it receives a refund or a taxes reduction, the consumers have many other probabilities of doing it. The small-scale enterprises that they install and give service to equipped, heating stoves, heaters, chimneys of gas, air, etc. they will be fine.

Business ideas 2010 [12]
Creative Commons License [13] photo [5] credit: twicepix [12]

7. Local providers of organic food

The supply of local food is another example of how the demand of the consumers forms the market. 5 years ago almost nobody was bothering to read the tags of the food, and now it is necessary to know exactly where from the food came and how they are cultivated. It is a good idea of business for 2010 [14], especially for the persons involved in the local production of food. If it produces this food of organic form, it can find a consumers' niche that they are ready to pay more for them.

8. Consultancy of Nutrition

The worry of the people about the food and how have they taken place also has been translated in a constant for the industry of the health. This business idea focuses to offer to the consumers not only nutrition services, but even naturistic services focused in the health. A classic example in Mexico is Chaya Michan. It offers pills and plants medicines for the care of the health.

Business ideas 2010 [15]
Creative Commons License [4] photo [5] credit: sushi♥ina [15]

9. Marketing and Administration of the Social one Comes up

Unless it has been hidden in a cave in some place during 2009, you know how the media of social communication for Internet have grown and how it has come to be seen like the Holy Grail of the next tendency in commercialization for the companies. What it cannot have noticed is the difficult thing that is for many companies, especially the small-scale enterprises, to use, doing the Social one an idea of excellent business Comes up Marketing. If you can promise and offer effective campaigns of social marketing, this business idea 2010 will be a success and the consumers will come.

Business ideas 2010 [16]
Creative Commons License [13] photo [5] credit: Thox [16]

10. Safety companies

The tendency of the companies to reinforce his safety is going to continue, creating all kinds of business opportunities for products and services, from the systems of biometric safety up to safety guards. Bear in mind that the type of safety in demand stretches to change very much with the size and type of business, the small-scale enterprises are much more inclined to invest in a system of alarm than in a system of identification of fingerprints.

If you want more information to develop his business idea, see this free course to create business ideas [17]. Remember that one of the most important steps after his business idea is the implementation. Check this handlebar to begin a business [18], it can help him.

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