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Rural business: a good business

Posted By 100 Business On December 1, 2008 7:34 am In Ideas of Business, Rural Business | 1 Comment

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The agricultural products and the rural business are a fundamental part of the economy of many Latin-American countries. In fact, it is anticipated that about 30 % of the population in Latin America is employed at rural sectors.

Cosmos sulphureus [2]
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Any years ago, the field and the agriculture were not ways of doing money, nevertheless, now, with the rise of the prices of the agricultural products, we can see that there are big opportunities and business ideas [5]. Next we present some profitable opportunities to them:

1. Novel, not traditional skills of settlement, agriculture and baby of animals.
2. New forms of commercialization and distribution.
3. Tourism of ranch and farms, everything what has to do with the business of the tours for the field.
4. Historical preservation and adaptation of spaces, for example in case of many godforsaken household chores, which can turn into museums.
5. Shared times and real estate revenue.
6. Agribusinesses, storage, packers.
7. Consultancy, education and education of skills of the field, investigations, etc.
8. To add value to existing products, for example, to add packing, to change presentation, to mix existing flavors, to pack to the empty high place, etc.

In future collaborations, we will speak much more of the good business [6] that the rural business can become.

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