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Business ideas | Since to Create You Design Business

Posted By 100 Business On November 28, 2008 9:30 am In Ideas of Business | 8 Comments

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Ideas de Negocios – Learns to create business ideas

Everybody wants to do money. Nevertheless, the question is: how to gain money? Here there are some advices that might help him to go so far as to develop business ideas successful [2] that will take it to the personal and financial success.

Phil is an idea! [3]

You design Business

Business ideas

It is not a question of the thousands of million ideas, which arise in the mind of the persons in the whole world who do money. Very few ideas are worth while the time that it had for being thought. Most of ideas are “sparks“ that go and come, and they forget on the following day. Of the ideas that are good, very few are developed and they end up by being useful on the market. Most of the people are not faced to do anything about his ideas, while others believe that it would take a lot of his time and money to continue it up to his completion. This leaves the market opened for the person who learns to "create" profitable business ideas!
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There are three principal formats that you can use to create profitable business ideas:

1. To look for something that exists already, but that is not so well-known.

2. To invent something. Most of the inventions are not any more than new use of the things that have already been invented.

3. To modify or to improve in any number of different ways, something that exists already.

While it "creates" ideas, write them in a role. rel="nofollow""" his mind "opened" across every day, along with a pencil and a notes pad. What did it notice in the announcement of the department store that it can reduce costs, save money or increase the sales if some simple procedures are added or change?

The ideas for progress are one of the most valuable things that you can contribute the society and, at the same time add to his bank account. To create ideas to improve a business, consider all the possibilities and alternatives for the object that you want to improve.

Learn to create business ideas [6] by means of the evaluation of all the different aspects of the product, method or concept that is interested. Set his subconscious and his imagination to work and write his thoughts as regards each of the things that he hopes to improve. Use the “Format of business Ideas” next, how he guides the creation of ideas of progress.

Format of business Ideas:

List of the things that you want to improve:

- Why should it be improved?
- Who will benefit from the progress?
- What is wrong with her in the current moment?
- Was there anybody more that it causes a problem with him?
- What do you propose to improve it?
- Does it have the facilities to make the work necessary?
- Does it have the know-how to do the work necessary to improve it?
- Exactly: what sets off must be improved?
- Should it be smaller? Bigger?
- In case the color is different?
- Might it help more activity to be better?
- Might it be combined with another thing so that it is more practical?
- Might a more basic material to serve better?
- Is it too complicated, it might be simplified?
- Might a product be a more significant substitute?
- Is it a too high price?
- Might a change in the personnel to help to the situation?
- Can the change in the form of the product give an advantage?
- Can a new marketing plan do the difference?
- Is it sure?
- Can it be produced in mass so that the cost for unit goes down?
- Does it have a guarantee?
- What can attract attention to a major hearing?
- The new packing or trade name: what can it improve?
- Can it be heavier, lighter, higher or smaller?
- Can it be franquiciado?
- Is there a good program of maintenance of safety copy?
- Can the financing of the product be simplified?
- List of ways of increasing the production:
- List of ways of increasing the sales:
- List of ways of reducing the costs:
- List of ways of increasing the efficiency:
- List of ways of improving the quality and of increasing the benefits:
- What can be done to satisfy more persons?

Using this format of business ideas will begin the ideas "sparks". And since they avenge the ideas, write them in every change that could imagine. Do not judge the good or bad points of the business ideas that materialize, finish of writing them and judge them later. You will detain the ideas flow if they are critics of his ideas before putting them on the role. When he has answered to everything what could on the product or the concept, and to know how it fits with his plans, feel to evaluate all the details that you have written.

After having found (created) a good idea of business [7], continue with the questions on what it should be his next step in order to do something on this matter and, next: to act! Empieze to move.

Develop the ideas that are still in the prosecution stage, do not remain obstructed in any indeterminate points that it could work later, allowing to his subconscious to work. If his idea fails, do not be disappointed; think that it is closer of finishing another idea, and then other one … until the most useful and valuable idea is born. Any business, big or small business, factory, retailer, lawyer, book-keeper, every person, cannot keep on working in the competitive world of nowadays without anybody in the organization constantly coming with new and better ideas.

The old ideas do even side to themselves while the new ideas occupy his place. The old business without new ideas the same way tends to fail.

Those who learn and know how to create business ideas and to anticipate the necessary changes, have the opportunity to be a big success and to use all his potential.

Free Me [8]

You design Business

Another "tool" that it is possible to use to help him to extract his millionaire idea, is to spend several minutes every night, relaxed with the closed eyes. Choose any object that occurs and tries to change it into his mind. One imagine all the changes that it could do to improve it.

The following night, to choose another topic or object and repeats the process. Soon it is going to use 20 % of his brain instead of 10 % that utilizamoa normally (the person mediated). As his knowledge and “cerebral power” increases, this way it will be his opportunity to be successful.
Creative Commons License [9] photo [5] credit: h.koppdelaney [8]

The protection of his business Idea

When it should have come with a good idea, he writes a finished description of the same one and does a sketch if it is necessary. Place the written information, the drawing and any other document or fact in one on directed to yourself. Take it to the mail, and that they put the date and certain stamps and, next, send it to you himself by mail certified. rel="nofollow""" on without opening, in case you need to demonstrate the intellectual property. Of course, investigates how to generate a registered trademark or patent, for the United States, it is thought an international patent.

In short, learn to develop business ideas, observing the details of the daily things. Think about what it might do better. Think about objects that have a big hearing to commercialize, a little that everybody needs and wants. Scribe his ideas. Have a pencil and notebook I join in his night. When it should have an idea in a sleep … write it, because in the morning he forgets. You will be surprised at the ideas that he can dream. Perhaps the business idea that costs million dollars surga the following morning.

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