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To carry on tourist business, a permanent source to gain money

Posted By 100 Business On November 13, 2008 11:54 am In Hacer Money | 2 Comments

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It is unavoidable: to carry on business in the tourist sector is the big source unmade use in Latin America. Perhaps some countries have comprised the importance of this industry, but it seems that in general the leaders of Latin America and the business have not promoted the entire potential of the region.

Fuerteventura 2008 027 [2]
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The example of Mexico is clear. The tourism of the sun has been exploited and beach of spectacular form, nevertheless, other forms of tourism as the religious one or the alternative one have not prospered. The governments of some states promote festivals of culture, art and movies, but only they manage to attract some to visitors' big quantities. The clear thing is that there is only one option: to begin to exploit all the possibilities that the country has to carry on business.

The tourism has diverse benefits, between them:

1. It creates work places.
There exist direct work places as the operators and tourist guides, or the indirect ones like the food industries and the merchants.

2. The expense and the economic development increases.
After there exists apportionment of money of conationals and foreigners, the municipalities and communities develop much more, the merchants and businessmen benefit and it is a good way for all of gaining money.

3. Economic diversification.
Some communities that live of the mining, the petroleum activity, the sowing or any other activity, can benefit from the tourist impact.

A lot of forms of tourism exist. Next we present to him an extensive list of ways of carrying on business in this sector:

- Accessible tourism
- Adventure trips
- Rural tourism
- Archaeological tourism
- Tours in bicycles
- Trips in boats and longboats
- Cultural tourism
- Pharmaceutical tourism
- Excursions
- Experimental trips
- Extreme tourism
- Independent travelers
- You visit to gardens and natural attractions
- Revenue of ranches and spaces for special occasions, holidays, weddings, etc.
- Literary tourist activities and of culture
- Medical tourism
- You venture in jeep
- Tours romantic
- Religious and sacred tourism
- Safaris
- Tours aquatic
- Sports trips
- Activities of spring break
- Tourism sustentable
- Thematic routes
- Culinary tourism
- You visit villages and peoples
- Visits guided to places of war
- Tourism in the forest
- Route of the wines

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