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To Create Business CREATIVITY Is Needed. Part 2

Posted By 100 Business On November 3, 2008 5:50 pm In Listas and Tips of Business | 1 Comment

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In this one series on creating business, we continue with 10 Ideas to accelerate the creativity in his business:

Teslathinker [2]


6. Change ambience. If he cannot think, change ambience, walk a little bit. Do not try to squeeze the brain. Sometimes the brain is like the muscles, which after several efforts rest needs. This way it happens with the brain.

7. Do not watch TV. There exist studies that they speak of that the brain alenta his activity when one watches TV.

8. Say not to the excesses. To think too much, to eat too much, to drink too much. Everything is bad in excess. Try not to surrender to so intense work days, because sooner or later the brain and the creativity the recienten.

9. Read very much. The reading encourages the creativity, since it creates connections in his brain. You begin to communicate a few ideas with other ideas, connections are created neuronales. Reading is an exercise that encourages his faculty to create.

10. Exercise his brain and his body. The best thing that can do is to be in form. The creativity is encouraged across healthy habits. It is verified that the exercises for the brain and for the body work marvelously. An interesting option is the cerebral gymnastics.

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