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To Create Business CREATIVITY Is Needed. Part 1

Posted By 100 Business On November 3, 2008 5:12 pm In Listas and Tips of Business | 2 Comments

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To create a new business is a quite difficult thing. For that reason, we wanted to present 10 advices to him to encourage his creativity and that this way you could create new ideas and elements for his company. It does not import if scarcely it is going to begin or if it already has a walked way.

Contemplation [2]
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10 you design to accelerate the creativity in his business:

1. Prepare his ambience. An agreeable comfortable, musical chair. If you feel good, as his personnel, already it has gained the majority. Often this allows that you design [5] flow and that his mind floats freely.

2. Ideas rain. If you wish better results, obtain the biggest ideas quantity, do not censure, ask, look in Internet, read magazines. Detach ideas of your own knowledge, so much how of other sources and other persons. The ideas in the business come in the least awaited moment. Also, while he has thought more solutions, more options there will be to take the suitable way.

3. Note down all his ideas. Take a notebook or an electronic device, or inclusive a tape recorder to register all the ideas that go out. The inspiration can come to him at 3 a.m. and it must be prepared for it. I recommend it to him more than the classic skill of the napkin for all sides. In the end it will finish with 100 napkins in his pants.

4. Begin to relate. When it is obstructed in some idea, it is worth while focusing in some word or designs in particular, to extract the dictionary, to check it in Internet. Focus in a word and in looking how many ideas it can generate from her. As if in this moment I was saying business opportunity [6] to him and you think restaurant: how many concepts can it generate of it? Argentine restaurant, Colombian meal, Cuban rice, blocks, Italian pasta, service of banquets, etc, etc. This promotes his creativity.

5. Define his problem. In a role, begin for defining his problem thoroughly. Describe it, say everything on him. Little by little it will penetrate into the details and this will give him more ideas.

In the following delivery, we will dedicate another 5 points to finish these ideas to encourage his creativity and this way to create successful and profitable business, but especially brilliant ideas.

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