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I work From House …: How to know if it is convenient for me?

Posted By 100 Business On October 28, 2008 12:18 pm In Negocios Desde the Hearth | 4 Comments

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The business from the hearth is appearing more than never throughout in Latin America. In fact, it has always been an entrepreneurs' continent. Nevertheless, nowadays, the people have rolled over to be employed from house [5] at enterprising activities that give them more satisfaction, or even an alternative to the employment. Also, a big freedom exists to the being its own chief.

Nevertheless, tackling is not an easy thing. It needs of working arduously, of doing a business plan, organizing the resources that are had and of a constant operation. The works from the hearth are not for all. Next we will present the disadvantages and the advantages of this type of emprendimiento:

Advantages of the work at home

- Flextimes
- Participation of the family in the responsibilities of the business
- More independence of the traditional groups of work that form in the companies
- The transport times do not exist, and consequently the big sleepless ones disappear.
- Entire control of his labor space
- Constant personal development
- Personal goals are chased
- The creativity can be evident constantly

Disadvantages of the business in the hearth

- Training is needed to have a business successfully
- The risk exists, as in all the business, of losing capital
- Problem to differ between the business time and my personal time
- The benefits and the social security do not exist, unless you are ready to pay them
- One has to face many rolls and responsibilities at the same time
- Interruptions on the part of the family
- Make difficult to delegate tasks

So it tries first and is employed at home at some project to try, at the same time that it preserves his employment. Desmuéstrese that can be its own chief and fulfill goals. I do not remember where I listened that only one small percentage of the persons on a global scale can work independently of an effective form. So this really might be for you, much more in times of the business for Internet, since it is possible to work from house [5] without any problem.

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