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Economic crisis of the United States: consequences for Latin America

Posted By 100 Business On October 20, 2008 3:09 pm In Ambiente of Business | 5 Comments

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Many people wonder of what way it will affect the crisis of the United States to the countries of the Latin-American region. The important thing is that we have seen that there is no immune region to this international financial crisis. We know that it originated in EUA, from the mortgages disaster suboccupy first place.

In Latin America we have suffered much less than earlier. The region recently has enjoyed good times thanks to the increasing foreign investment and the increase of prices of the commodities. Nevertheless, the problems for the whole world with the credit are I point of coming to the real economy.

In the Latin-American region, it is probable that a reduction is seen in the income of the exports, the migrants' remittances in EUA and the direct foreign investments proceeding from the USA in next two years. The crisis also will increase the cost of the financing of the debt for the region. And everything comes in a context in which the economic growth in Latin America begins to be braked already, as point out the experts.

We are speaking about the first global crisis in times of the capitalism. It is the whole system that one is cimbrando. Nevertheless, some countries of Latin America are better prepared to get over the thunderstorm, especially Chile and Brazil, which have taken stronger measures to prop his economies up in the last years. They now have to check his plans of expense and the investments of the public sector, and his rel="nofollow""" politics to the production, the struggle against the inflation, and diverse expense agents.

The perspectives for the economies of Latin America have been always linked to those of the USA. Nevertheless, some of them argue that this time the things will be different. This is for see, since it will depend on the programs of rel="nofollow""" that were developed by each of the countries in the last five years. It will be important to see how many tax saving they have been generated during this period, as well as of the public sector, the debt has managed, and to what extent the exports have diversified. Countries as Chile, Peru, Mexico and Colombia seem to have managed better the things in this sense. Nevertheless, Venezuela and the Argentina have done less to face to this type of crisis.

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