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List of business Ideas [Part 4: Planeación and administration]

Posted By 100 Business On October 16, 2008 10:23 am In Listas and Tips of Business | not Comments

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I want to mention to them that this series of business lists has been quite successful. We have had an excellent traffic. In the future we will do another series of lists detailed with new opportunities, tips for enterprising and other titles. We are in the part 4, now it touches the shift to ideas of planeación and business organization.

1. Consultancy in business plans and project presentation before banks.
2. Specialist in transformation and business growth
3. Organization of the hearth or of offices, can include interiors design
4. Service of planeación of events
5. Consultancy in plans for meetings and business meetings
6. Planeación of holidays and events
7. Promotion of shows and events
8. Consultancy and wedding services
9. Project administration
10. Handling and administration of investments
11. Planeación of tours, trips and trips

This type of commercial activities has the peculiarity of helping the people and simultaneously very good money is gained. For example, the wedding case. Many people do not have time to prepare his wedding with so much anticipation time, so it will always be better that someone more takes charge. In this business type neither big initial investments nor many personnel are needed.

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