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How to carry on business during the crisis of the United States

Posted By 100 Business On October 9, 2008 11:37 am In PYMES | 2 Comments

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Of what form to carry on business in crisis times? This is something that many readership has asked us. We are not used to seeing an economic cataclysm in the United States. Therefore, many people want to know on the economic consequences in Latin America and Spain.

The most interesting thing is that the world is not finished, there are still opportunities and more than you imagine. In fact there are many opportunities and ways of preventing the collapse from striking us, especially in the world of the business.

Many experts, and I say it myself, they mention that the economic system and the business ambience has turned out to be worn out by the inadequate loans for housing granted in the United States and the entire world. The principal problem is that there happened more credit of what owed. Quite what has been created is a snowball and the worst thing the suspense is on the markets.

For the PYMES (Small and Medium Companies), as well as the small business and the business from house, this represents a challenge. The principal problem will be the credit absence. Nevertheless, in Latin America we have been expert at surviving the economic situation. Do not worry. The principal thing is that in this moment it continues his business as always.

So next we present 5 tips to survive the economic crisis:

1. If it begins, the exemption is a good option. Normally, if it does not have problems of cash, an exemption can rel="nofollow""" the economic difficulties. Especially because this business type has a different way of operating. He tries to look for opportunities and ideas that need minor capital investments.

2. Look for alternative forms of credit. If the banks do not grant loans, come to the governmental rel="nofollow"""s for small business. Another solution is that it consults his providers and asks for credit. A lot of forms of financing exist. For no motive get into debt across his credit cards.

3. Receive payment of counted. As much as one can, receive money against delivery, that is to say, that they pay to him of counted. If you grant credit descapitaliza. In the future that will diminish his flows.

4. Reduce his internal costs and do the same with his clients. The best way of letting know about his clients that it is with them is doing promotions, or reducing lightly his costs. Namely give some options of lower cost in his business to help the clients of low income.

5. If you are provided with cash, buy offer raw material. In this moment what is missing is a liquidity on the markets. Therefore, any provider whom you ask for his discounts, immediately will give them to himself. There will be offer and you can reduce costs drastically.

The most important thing is that he does not worry. To carry on business during the crisis does not have why to be impossible.

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