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He buys an exemption, it is very easy

Posted By 100 Business On October 6, 2008 4:04 pm In Franquicia | 1 Comment

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He buys an exemption, it is very easy

If you buy an exemption you are saving yourself all the work of initiating a business. Why? An exemption is almost ready to operate, because only it is a question of repeating a business.

The interesting of the exemption is that there avoid the investor the whole market research, the creation of the business, the invention of a concept, the improving of a product and all the previous work.

The exemption is ready to operate. The company is contacted franquiciante, an exemption contract is signed, licenses and privileges are paid and I list. What one obtains with the buy of a business is an established profitable mark, existing systems, products and even the training.

It is always necessary to consider this option. For many people the decision is very easy: while more time one is late in opening the business, it is more lost money. To wait for many it is not profitable.

So quickly, we show the advantages and disadvantages of the buy of exemption:


- Training and training
- Assistance finaciera and credit
- Methods proved marketing and sales
- Assistance in the administration of the business
- It can begin a business fast
- Under defeat index


- Exemption quotas
- Privileges
- Restrictions to open other places
- Under independence level
- Often the franquiciante provides with exclusive form the provisions
- There exist strict clauses of completion of the contract

After this, he evaluates what is convenient for you and luck on having initiated your business.

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