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To begin a Business for Internet: The Truth

Posted By 100 Business On November 30, 2009 6:58 pm In Empezar a Business, to Do Money, Business From the Hearth, Business for Internet | 6 Comments

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Is it interesting to you to begin a business for Internet? The Internet is the new business tool. These are some aspects it is to take into consideration to initiate a business in Internet.

The revolution online is spreading of exponential form. For 2008, the number of Internet users in the world was 1.4 trillion persons. In a short time space the web, like a business tool, has turned into an integral part of the managerial environment, altering deeply the form in which the business it is carried out. Definitely it has come in an opportune moment.

As more persons interfere in the business for Internet [2], everybody speaks about Internet millionaires and the young experts in the computer who became rich overnight. The same way, traditional companies have begun developing his presence in Internet - of the big corporate ones that they use twitter to improve themselves up to companies of tourism in remote areas.

But: really are they doing the money that they say about the network? I do not believe it. First of all, we have to consider these basic facts. As in any other business, some of them do a heap of money. Some of them do some money and some of them will not do anything. Some of them will go to the failure. And some of them will have gone away before starting.

Let's be realistic, the Web is not verified like commercialization way. The experts in the business for Internet they like to speak about all the success that they have had, but the truth is that “what works” and “what does not work” depends on your individual economic situation, on his marketing plan and of how incorporating the web marketing in it.

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Nevertheless, the notion of being sure of that “If they did it: why I not?” it leads an increasing number of persons to joining the lines of the businessmen's network that think about how to do money in the Internet [6].

But: what is the real business? Here some ideas are to help him to understand the business in line and how to begin a business for Internet [7]:

To begin Business for Internet Truth 1. Forget the idea of becoming rich quickly in Internet. Your success will depend to a great extent on your patience, perseverance and skill to make use of the opportunities of this hyper-rapid ambience. Believe me, it is a lot of hard work.

Im my home!!! [8]
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To begin Business for Internet Truth 2. Many advantages are had on having begun a business for Internet [10] against beginning a physical business:

1. Your initial capital can be very minimal. Because you will be in the Internet, you can operate in “comfort of your own house”, what means that you do not worry for the revenue of an office.

2. You need little team. Only you need to buy a good computer (if it still does not have it), an Internet connection, a telephone line or two, and some notebooks and role bond. Other teams can come later, depending on the funds availability. For office furniture, it uses your dining room or cooks, table and chairs of dining room. The furniture that remain you also will be of big utility.

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3. Wide international exhibition. The Internet opens the piertas to the whole world. It depends on you taking her advantage. The business ambience [13] (the consumers, the investors, contacts abroad) are available to a clic.

4. Enormous growth potential. If you are going to begin a business for Internet and play well your letters, your future perspectives are assured, for the fact that your clients or potential clients can double or treble in a very short time period. As your presence is evident 24 hours of the day about the world, your market might grow more rapid than you had thought.

5. You work your own schedule. Although, I make sure you that you are going to work more hours than you had imagined, diversion turns instead of work. Nevertheless, you can still rel="nofollow""" your own work schedule if you are really conscious of time. He remembers, it is your time.

6. Publicity and cheap promotion. In Internet, most of the initial work that you must do is to obtain presence in so many places as it is possible. To make use of the whole free publicity as the hyperties or links that are available for all.

7. Electronic transmission of information. Is use of your e-mail or fax. To promote, to send catalogs, to send bulletins to the brochures without having to buy a postal stamp. With the exception of the costs of the service of your Internet provider (ISP), your web accommodation (hosting), and your service of local telephony, all the communication in Internet can be relatively free.

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8. Flexibility. In the Internet business, you can change your business draft in any moment that you wish it. You can add or change other without need to invest a lot of money.

9. Without problems of change. There are no neon signs to knock down not even shelves than to be moved.

10. You can work at home. Basically, you have only to go out to pay the accounts or to extract money of the bank, or to order the mailing if you sell your products online. Out of that, this is a business from the hearth [15].

11. The Internet is a content market. It is necessary only to be able to write. If you are good in the written communication, you have the advantage. Everything depends on your aptitude to relate you to your potential clients or clients for the form in which you present your product or service in writing.

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TIP: For proper experience, look after of buying any Internet course that you see. The best form in which I have learned the business for Internet has been for videos of products for which I have bought. But, if they offer you ebooks or audio with the assumption of which “you will be able to gain thousands of dollars with a business for Internet”, I will say this to you: what is heard too well to be true, very probably it is not.

P.D. Lately, they have sent to me many mails of the interest of the readership of shehab.org for extracting a business course for Internet. I have left the doubt of: what is exactly what they want? Is it to expand his physical business to new consumers for Internet? Or is it because they want to begin a business in Internet and extract money selling an electronic product or for announcements? It is interesting to me very much to know what is what they think and that it is what they want, porfavor order me a mail to 100negocios shehab.org and say to me what they think, Or write to me a comment below of this post.

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