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10 business ideas of Few Investment

Posted By 100 Business On November 27, 2009 6:38 pm In Empezar a Business, business Ideas, to Initiate a Business, Lists and Tips of Business, Business From the Hearth, business Opportunities | 5 Comments

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Is it provided with little money to begin his business? These are 10 business ideas to begin his business with few investment.

Statistics have demonstrated that 9 of every 10 new companies fail in his first year. The absence of planeación, of hardware and business education [2], and the financial ruin there are some of the most common causes. Starting with little is a way of assuring a minimal risk in new business. The founder of the company of computers Dell is an example: I do not finish his university education and it began his business with little money in his garage. One of the three computers sold nowadays is one Dell.

The following one is a list of business ideas [3] that can begin with $ 500 dollars or less.

Business idea of Few Investment [4] 1. Houses cleanliness.

You need: cleaning products, rags, hoovers, broom, towels, bucket, cards of presentation – approximate cost of $ 150. In the United States for example, there are companies of million dollars that they contact to persons who offer this service with the clients, and only there was necessary the team, quality and reliable service.

Rented house inspection [5]
Creative Commons License [6] photo [7] credit: rubenerd [5]

Business idea of Few Investment 2. Gardening or design of location.

You need: lawnmower, bordeadora, fan, rake, spade, scissors, cards of presentation – approximate cost of $ 450. In the United States, the cashing for this service is of approximately $ 25 dollars for pruned, and two times are minimal a month. Two persons are late aprox. 20 minutes for house. You do the accounts yourself.

Desert Botanical Garden [8]
Creative Commons License [9] photo [7] credit: Artotem [8]

Business idea of Few Investment 3. Sales for Internet.

You need: PC – approximate cost of $ 500. It is probable that you already take a computer at home as what this one might be the cheapest and easier than business to start. It has been believed that for the year 2020, almost all the buys retail it will be done in the World Wide Web. It is possible that to begin his business [10] now prospers in the future. Consider to work with companies of dropshipping to avoid costs of buy and storage.

Just for to moment, but then... [11]
Creative Commons License [9] photo [7] credit: Arne Hendriks [11]

Business idea of Few Investment 4. Mobile food services.

You need: cards of presentation – approximate cost of $ 30. With a half an hour for the lunch, the personnel of many companies has a little time to leave the work and to go to eat. To offer a menu of the morning for the delivery of the hour of the lunch can be useful for these persons and offer a good source of income for you. His work? To receive the order, to gather it and to deliver it; for a quota, of course. To deliver 15 lunches to a company to $ 3 to $ 5 of utility each one can add up rapidly. Or that such a cart type hot dog for special events?

The Lillis Leftover - turkey sandwiches!!!! [12]
Creative Commons License [13] photo [7] credit: tlillis4 [12]

Business idea of Few Investment 5. Service of Swimming pool.

You need; articles about cleanliness of swimming pool, chemicals, brush, the hose of network, cards of presentation – approximate $ Cost 400. Places with more warm climates have many hearths with swimming pools that need weekly attention. To give service to numerous housings in the same area can offer a small fortune. Cards of presentation in the door or mailbox of mail it allows the owner to know that you are free. It can take some time to come to a solid clientele, but be patient, the routes of established service can be very valuable.

Native Pool [14]
Creative Commons License [9] photo [7] credit: hmerinomx [14]

Business idea of Few Investment 6. Consultancy service.

You need: know-how, cards of presentation – approximate $ Cost 30. It bandages his knowledge across a consultancy to mike or small-scale enterprises. Of course, he needs to have credulity to have clients, as well as a Mastery, Qualified or business Courses [15].

To Night of Bliss [16]
Creative Commons License [9] photo [7] credit: pavati [16]

Business idea of Few Investment 7. Delivery service.

You need: motorcar, motorcycle, bicycle, business cards – approximate cost of $ 30. This is a big business inside the limits of a big city. Corporations, small-scale enterprises, restaurants, etc, can have the need for services of delivery. It is already a question of documents, payrolls, food or other articles, a profitable business [17] can be the delivery services.

Delivering Joy? [18]
Creative Commons License [6] photo [7] credit: jesssloss [18]

Business idea of Few Investment 8. Painter.

You need: paintbrushes, rollers, bordeadora, towels, canvases, cards of presentation – approximate $ Cost 200. Visit the shops where they bandage building material and paintings, and let them know that you are free to work and to buy painting across his shops. His references can keep it occupied for months simultaneously.

7/365 to mix of emotions [19]
Creative Commons License [6] photo [7] credit: Ella Noir [19]

Business idea of Few Investment 9. Virtual assistant.

You need: PC, cards of presentation – approximate Cost of $ 500.
This service is becoming fashionable. You can visit elance.com to have more information of it, but it is a question of being an assistant of someone for electronic media; that is to say, his chief will give him work that needs how a presentation, summary, analysis, etc. and you will deliver to him the work online. All the communication is for this way. If he speaks much better English, it is requested very much. For more ideas of Internet, check this business article for Internet [20].

Email about nothing [21]
Creative Commons License [9] photo [7] credit: Jon Juan [21]

Business idea of Few Investment 10. Day Care (Nursery school)

You need: toys, teaching material, clothes of bed, a sure and clean, friendly hearth with the children – approximate $ Cost 300. This business needs the patience and the experience of children's care. If you take care of more than three children at the same time, it is probable that you will have to check the regulations in his country. Consult in his town hall or the offices of the state government for the restrictions and requisites.

Joao Vitor [22]
Creative Commons License [13] photo [7] credit: Edgar de Brito [22]

Most of these business ideas [23] need two additional elements that you probably already have: a motorcar and a phone. But otherwise, they are very simple and easy to initiate. This business is adapted for almost anyone that wants to turn into self employed.

TIP: The key to have a success business is to do what he enjoys. Do a list of the things that he likes doing and then think about ways of doing money with it. Be creative with his business idea, there are many other options available for you. Check this video to create business ideas, or take this free course to create successful business ideas [24].

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