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This page contains the juridical information that needs to know, about the claims of income, nominal, the politics of guarantee, legal information and the conditions of buy. On having ordered, you agree with these terms and conditions.

On having bought this product, you express his comprehension and agreement with the following information. If you do not understand the meaning of any of these declarations, please, send an e-mail message to

1. You promise not to create any electronic, promotional or tangible product based on the information and the processes contained in this product, as well as the pursuit of the materials and messages of e-mail. This refers to videos, seminars, electronic magazines, articles Ezine, CD's, electronic books, printed books or any other format, free or of payment, independently if the information is the only and of property or common knowledge.

2. If you are in violation of the clause number 1, it is in accordance with appearing before the courts of the Federal District in Mexico to your own coast and respecting the verdict of the Judge.

3. You agree in not presenting charges against any or claims against Luis Carlos Serna and Associates.

4. This is an agreement between you, the buyer, and Luis Carlos Serna and Associates.

5. In case any clause of this agreement is violated, there will not be annulled any of other dispositions or the agreement in his set.

6. You promise not to transmit of any form or share without knowledge of the seller, the electronic book as well as his attached materials, and any other product or content of the same one to third any other.

7. Also, it is in accordance with the following terms.

The statistics quoted in this letter base on the investigation of third. Because I quote a statistics not necessary it means that I have validated this particular information piece in my business or in the business of my clients. Saying this, these statistics are considered as real for the associates of my business.

Anyone and all the claims or the declarations done in this letter are considered to be exceptional results of talented individuals who used the information contained in this product faithfully; not the average result of any that one who buys the product. This is applied especially to those who buy the product, but they did not read it completely, applied or continued the finished instructions, not of partial form. For example, because it is possible to begin a business in 10 days, it does not mean that you personally will be able to initiate a business in 10 days. Said this, it is my conviction that the person divided equally that he buys this product it can design a business and realize successfully the first stages of a business in 10 days, like his planeación and budgeting, any time he reads and continues the instructions as it appears without significant deviation.

The claims of the real income or examples of the results can happen on request. His success level in the achievement of the results established in the product, they depend on the time that he dedicates to the program, to the ideas and to the mentioned skills, to his finance, to his knowledge and his diverse skills. As these factors change according to the individuals, we cannot guarantee his success or income level. Neither we are responsible for any of his action.

Testimonies: The testimonies in this letter represent the only experiences of the individuals with talent and do not indicate that it could achieve a similar result. Because someone gains $ 2000 or $ 10.000 or $ 30.000 does not mean that you could or do it. All the numbers in dollars represent the gross total of selling unless another thing is indicated.

Guide singularity: This product must be taken in the sense that, while others can teach similar ideas or steps, my guide is only to the effect that it assembles the concepts and the ideas, all in only one bundle together with ideas of my personal experience.

All the information is provided only with educational ends and they can or not represent the information fáctica.

Affiliates: Luis Carlos Serna and Associates do not become responsible for the actions of the Affiliates. You make responsible Luis Carlos Serna and Asociados for the malinterpretación of the information given for Member, for legal conflicts neither with the Affiliates, nor any problem that arises from the actions of commercialization that realizen the Affiliates.

The common sense: You admit that any beginning of a business and effort of marketing includes effort and risk. You freely and for its own will, it will risk part or the totality of his capital that decides to implement this handlebar and his concepts. You will do it with skill and common sense. You do not make responsible Luis Carlos Serna and Associates by any means for any nonperformance on the part of the guide at a height of his expectations.

Briefly you are an adult and I am an adult. I have shared information about the base of my experiences, those of my associates and what I have learned. You will use your own capital to apply these methods to its own risk.

Completion: These Terms and conditions of Use are effective until it is finished by any of the parts. You will be able to cancel this agreement in any moment by means of the destruction of all the obtained materials of, as well as all the related documents, and all the copies and facilities, even by virtue of the terms of this agreement or of another type. This agreement will end immediately without notice before to tact of, if you do not expire with any term or disposition of this agreement. After the rescission, you must destroy all the materials obtained from this place and anyone related with, and all the copies of the same ones, be already by virtue of the terms of this agreement or of another type.

On having clicked in the buy tie, (of sure or not sure servant) or calling to the number of our company in order to order or of any other form of buy - you are these terms and conditions.


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